What Are The Common Problems With Android?

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Day in and day out, everyone will usually encounter problems whether they’re financial aspects, work, or merely their gadgets, run by the Android operating system. Android has been making some noise in the market industry. Android is an operating system that is developed by Google, Inc. Most people choose Android because of its features, style and price. Whatever the reason behind it, one thing is for sure that Android phones are not perfect. They also have their own problems.

What are the common problems with Android?

As mentioned, the Android operating system is not that perfect. It also has its flaws. However, as the cliché says, every problem has its own solution. The common problems that you will encounter as an Android user are as follows:

Late updates

A common problem is that Android users experience late updates of the current version of the operating system. This is one serious problem that sometimes turns off a customer to purchase Android and switch to other operating systems, which provides up-to-date versions.

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Low memory problems

Low memory problems are also seen in Android devices or gadgets.  A lot of RAM is used by Android phones to store data. When the Android customer runs out of memory, it means that the Android device is running out of space in the RAM storage device.

Overheating problems

Overheating of Android devices is another problem. This may be due to the battery life. When you encounter such problems over and over, it’s time for you to seek help from a professional repairman.

Battery life is too short for Android gadgets

Battery life is too short for users of Android gadgets.  The right thing to do is to always bring handy chargers anywhere. Another solution is to use Wi-Fi, turn down the monitor’s brightness, and quit applications when you are not going to use them.

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Not able to sync Gmail with Android phones

Another common problem is to not being able to sync Gmail with your Android phone. When you encounter such problem, make sure that you have a working signal, the device is not placed in airplane mode, and you are able to verify that you can go online.


Fragmentation is a term for when the manufacturers have released new products for multiple versions. Normally, developers find a way to support every version. However, not all are supported. Hence, the users of Android gadgets are able to experience fragmentation. In order to prevent such from occurring, you need to make it a point that your application is always updated.

Apps keep on crashing

Crashing of apps is another headache. When this always happens to you, you need to troubleshoot your Android problem by rebooting the Smartphone by turning it off. If it still does not solve the problem, you need to delete the application or re-install the latest app version.

Security concern problems

Security problems are encountered especially if you are unsure if an application is safe to download. There are certain applications that have viruses along with them when you download.

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Touch screen problems

The touch screen is a good feature of Android gadgets. Sometimes a touch screen suddenly halts in responding, especially during low battery moment, or if there is physical damage to the Android gadget.

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