Ways to Keep Your Computer In Good Condition

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Good computer maintenance is incredibly important when making sure that your computer will be able to serve you well. Today, technology has improved so much, most people don’t need to upgrade their computers very often, but they do need it to last longer. Here are some things you can do to keep your computer in good condition:

keep computer in good condition

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1. Maintaining Your Hard Drive

The first step to keeping your computer in good condition is to run routine maintenance programs. These maintenance programs, such as disk defragmentation and disk cleaning, will make sure that your program is running quickly and efficiently. Defragmenting the disk is especially important because it moves all of the data on the disk to specific places. When the data on the disk is spread across the disk it creates additional wear and tear on the disk, which can cause the disk to fail.

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2. Running Virus Scans

Your virus scanner should always be on, and you should regularly scan your computer for both viruses and adware. These items can all slow your computer down significantly and even expose your personal information to strangers. There are many free virus protection sites out there today, so keeping your computer protected is very easy to do. Once a virus is found on your system, everything possible should be done to remove the virus before resuming normal actions on the computer.

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3. Keep Your Computer Clean

A computer needs to be kept physically clean in order to run at peak efficiency. Many people do not realize this, but computer systems capture dust, pet hair, and other particles because of their fan systems. The inside of a computer system can get very dirty very quickly, and all of the excess dust inside of the system will cause the system to overheat. Canned air can be applied liberally to remove dust. Many computer repair desks will charge for this service but it’s very easy to do at home.

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4. Keep Your Computer Off The Carpet

It’s best to keep your computer elevated over carpet, especially if you are in a hot area. Carpet will insulate the computer and contribute dust to it. Overheating is a very serious issue and will be more common if you put your computer directly on a thick pile carpet in a hot area.

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5. Turn Your Computer Off

While computers don’t use that much power, computers slowly wear down when they’re on. Today, most people tend to leave their computers on all the time. This isn’t wise because it increases the statistical likelihood of a component failing. If you won’t be using your computer for a few hours, then you should either turn it off or put it into sleep mode. One of the major components that fail in computers is the power supply.

6. React When Something Seems Wrong

If despite these tips your computer starts to give you errors when doing routine tasks you should immediately find out what has gone wrong. If you wait, especially in the case of hard drive errors, the problem may get progressively worse and you could lose all your data.

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