How Do Online Casinos Function?

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online blackjackToday, instead of heading out to a casino, many people are opting to stay at home and play cards and slots at an online casino. Online casino technology is designed to imitate the physical casino gambling experience as well as offer all of the benefits and conveniences associated with using the Internet. Many people wonder how this type of technology works and if it measure up to a real casino experience.

There are three major aspects involved in making an online casino both functional and fun. These include legal, technological, and financial aspects.

Online Gaming Technology and Making Game Play Fair

The initial major issue that online gaming technology was faced with was creating a game that people would enjoy playing, while at the same time, making it one in which predicting the outcome was completely impossible. Much like an actual card game where when playing fairly the next card is impossible to predict, online gaming needed to possess this same quality. With computer software, algorithms are used to generate cards in a random order, much like shuffling and dealing a deck of cards. However, this led to the question of what if someone could possibly figure out the algorithm and then be able to calculate who had what cards? This made some people question, are the games fair or rigged? This is why random number generators were created. Also , known as an RNG, this generator creates cards in orders that cannot possibly be predicted, making sure that all games are fair and square.

Challenges In Communication

Without people being together in the same room, this posed some challenges for developers on online gaming. However, thanks to the advancements made in Internet technology over the past decade, this is no longer an issue. With the ability today’s computers have of communicating with each other, this allows multiple players to compete together, and even allows for “face to face” communication through video chat features. Online card games and online slots are preferred for some people who may not have a casino nearby, or who simply wish to play from home any time, day or night.

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Legal Issues

Right after online gambling was developed, it was made illegal in many different countries. Since that time, there have been many ever changing legal issues associated with online gambling. Today however, many countries have opted to legalize online gambling because of the fact that it brings in a lot of tax revenue. In The U.S., more states are looking to legalize online gambling and residents in the states of Nevada can now legally gambling online as the first legal online gambling site was launched a few months ago. Also, because an online casino can be operated from anywhere in the world, making enforcing online gambling laws extremely difficult.


Because of the large amount of money associated with running an online casino, there is also a great need for the casino to be able to collect deposits from worldwide locations, as well as to make payouts to winners around the globe, and transfer funds between players. Because of the advancements in Internet technology, as well as online security, this has made this possible and has helped online casinos such as the William Hill Casino, and many others become successful.

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