Should We Really Let The Bots Do The Hard Work?

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robot at workMuch is being made these days of the extent to which computers will become independent and threaten our very existence.

What was once the stuff of fun but bad 1950s Sci-fi is now very much in the mainstream. Only last week, Professor Stephen Hawking warned of the threat to human existence of the creation of machines capable of thinking for themselves.

The fear is that we humans are nicely limited by the rate of biological evolution – but that is not such an issue for the machines we create that could be capable of improving themselves and you can guess the rest. We would quickly become obsolete once such independent computers realize their creators’ limitations.

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We may yet be quite a long way from developing the requisite algorithms or having anything like the computing power or necessary to get to fully-fledged artificial intelligence, but this is definitely the way things are heading.
Whether or not people like Stephen Hawking and other deep thinkers believe this is a danger or not seems rather a moot point. If there’s commercial gain to be had, or if it offers different people around the globe the prospect of greater power – it will come to pass anyway. This kind of thing has been going on for millennia and won’t stop because it’s dangerous – sad though that may be.

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Of course the ultimate hope is that good overcomes evil with these things because the future of A.I. really does take us down a potential route of truly biblical proportions! It’s fascinating to consider what will be – and no doubt Hollywood is already working on its next offerings in this regard.

Meanwhile, bots are already creeping into our everyday lives but generally remain only as good as we make them so far.

Many people are already putting bots to good work in their trading activities. When this happens on a vast scale and algorithms are driving world markets with endlessly multiple trades, it all gets a bit dangerous and markets can already begin to feel like they’re running themselves. But for the everyday trader on a small scale, Bot tools can be a huge help.

For example, if you’re a keen sports gambler–cum–trader, the Bet bot pro can be an enormous help. This is particularly the case for traders who have limited time (or inclinations for that matter!) to spend hours in front of a screen during the events themselves.

So as a hypothesis, let’s say that horse racing is your particular area of interest and/or expertise. In this case, you can make your selections for a whole afternoon’s racing, for example, and establish your settings accordingly. In other words you can set the Betbotpro software up on your computer to link directly to betfair’s servers. The Bot then moves sequentially and comprehensively through the afternoon’s horse racing events that you’ve selected, acting on the selections you’ve made and the criteria you’ve set.

Of course the Bot works across any particular sport, or multiple sports, it’s really all down to the system it enables you to design.

The Bot will then only place your bets, for example, at a set time before the race starts and if the various criteria fall within your settings. These could include things like the odds, obviously, as well as the number of runners in a race – and any other criteria you set up. If the Bot recognises that a potential bet falls within your pre-set criteria, it will place that bet. Otherwise, it will automatically move on to the next race – and so on.

You may also decide to design your own betting stake plans. This is all down to personal preference of course but may include things like the percentage of your overall pot, recovery stakes, Fibonacci sequence wagers, maximum liability, or profit per race etc.

In short, this Bot is as good as the system you design for it. It doesn’t think independently as such – and as there’s a five-day completely free trial available, it’s good fun to give it a run in demo mode only but using real-time data and actual results etc. This gives you chance to tweak the various settings to your liking.

As for it taking over your life and pushing you out of the way – well that might be a very nice problem to have in this case!

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[Image credit: Ari, Flickr]

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