Choosing the Best Mobile Games to Quench Your Addiction

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The Online Gambling Industry has been constantly evolving and expanding in the last couple of years. Nowadays millions of players all over the world access Online Casinos on a daily basis and their number are also increasing on a daily basis. While for most of them paying online represents an entertaining mean of relaxation, there are numerous cases that develop an addiction in this direction, which eventually impacts their real lives in a negative way. The major Gaming Authorities and Operators are aware of this and strive to provide the safest possible gaming environment and treatment for these cases. However, recent studies have all revealed that some type of Online Games can be considerably less addictive than others, while there are also a series of subterfuges addictive gamblers can resort to, in order to quench their thirst and keep their addiction under control.

Lower winnings, less trouble

Statistics show that Casino Games with higher winning possibilities are among the most desired and addictive among gamblers. Table games such as Roulette or Black Jack, as well as Poker stand behind thousands of cases of gambling addiction and in this direction; specialists agree that a nonprofit substituent should be found first, before giving up the game in entirety.  The best example for this would be Zynga Poker, an online application allowing poker players from all over the world to sit at tables and tournaments, while playing with non-cashable in-gaming currency. The gameplay is virtually the same as in any Online Poker Tournament, playing with the predefined idea that real money is not on stake will allow gamblers to truly enjoy the match without any financial worry.

Re-orientation Towards Mathematical Themed Slots

More studies conducted in regards to gambling addiction revealed that the actual layout and background music of Casino Slots can have an obsessing impact on the gamblers’ subconscious. The vivid colors, the friendly familiar cartoon-like characters and the long line of tilts and beeps acting as their musical score, they all stick with the players’ photographic memory, and once correlated with the idea of a massive win, they remain associated with it in players’ minds. In this direction, specialists recommend those players that fancy this type of games more to go for a radical change, and try out games they would normally not played. These are games that work mostly with numbers, and among the most popular ones in the Casino Industry, players could turn their attention to Bingo and Keno variations. One of the most popular ones out there has to be heart bingo for mobile.

Online Mobile Slots Without Real Money Play

For quite some time now, several top game developers and operators have strived to create the perfectly safe environment for any type of online gaming aficionado, particularly for addictive ones.  Among the most acclaimed ones, Pharaoh’s Way, Slotmania Slots or Free Slots Casino offer extremely advanced and interactive slots, where online players usually enjoy much longer runs and quests, without having had the possibility of cashing out real money in the first place. All of these free slots run and replay in in-game coin currency, unconvertible in real money. This is quite an interesting way to replace the thrill of real money Online Slots by offering the exact same experience for free.

Either one of the alternatives presented above can act as a subtle harmless replacement for the line of games around which the addiction was formed, and in time, they will end up remaining simple means of light entertainment.

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