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SSD VPS or non-SSD: What’s the difference?

On January 1, to herald the new year, Digital Trends wrote a compelling article with a showpiece title: “The battle between SSD and HDD is over, and the winner is clear.” Across several hundred words writer Brendan

Printer 101 – Different kinds of Printers

Looking back at the basics, a printer is defined as a peripheral which makes a persistent human readable representation of graphics or text on paper or similar physical media. The two most common printer mechanisms are black

Are All Chargers and Devices Interchangeable?

Nowadays, most of us have multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, or eReaders. With all of these devices comes a variety of different chargers to keep track of, which raises the question as to whether

Determining Which External Hard Drive is Right for You

With everything from photos, home videos, music collections, and other important data stored on our computers these days, it’s a good idea to invest in an external hard drive (external HDD) to back up all of this

5 Signs That Your Laptop Is In Need of Repair

Laptops today are designed to sustain less damage, but even so you’ll need to repair at some point or another. While there are some things that you can do to troubleshoot and repair the laptop on your

Reasons Why You Still Need A Printer

We often post about apps and technology that can help you manage your home and office life more effectively. Reading this blog post, you’ll probably be wondering if you have traveled back to a time when printers

Going With Multiple Monitors? Here’s the Gear You Will Need for Your Trading Computer

So you’ve realized that you need multiple monitors for your trading computer but aren’t really sure what you need in order to actually make that happen. No problem. There is obviously some additional gear that you will

How to Choose The Right Office Printer

What do you look for prior to buying a home printer? Well some of the things you may consider are the cost of the printer and its replacement toner cartridges, printer size so it fits in the