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How to Recover Deleted Files

There are many things that can lead you to lose your data. You can have it saved and simply deleted it by mistake or there might be a problem with the device where you saved your data.

The Essentials of Antivirus Protection

Today smartphones, tablet PCs, notebooks and PCs become used more and more widely. And the tendency for usage of such devices is only growing. Common users use them in order to communicate, to have fun, to surf

5 Worst Computer Viruses in History

Computers have been around as a public tool now for around eighty years, and viruses weren’t slow to catch up. In fact; the term ‘virus’ was coined as far back as 1935 to describe any self-replicating program.

How to Stay Safe Online

Over the years, internet has had a huge impact on the lives of human beings, and the affect seems to only increase in the future. But similar to every other great invention, there are mischievous minds engaged