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Facebook Tighten Security Checks with Photo Captcha Tests

The majority of internet users will be familiar with captcha tests, and although they may be frustrating, they are unavoidable and a necessary security check to ensure you are human and not a machine. It’s a security

What Does Parental Control Offer in 2017?

As a careful and watchful parent, you may be looking for new ways to watch your kids, right? That’s true for all parents – at the moment of giving childbirth, your calmness and balance are gone forever,

The State of The Global Printing Industry

Big business relies on big printing orders and, therefore, the printing industry is a big business in its own right. The industry accounts for an awful lot of investment across the globe and that, in turn, means

Your Computer Could Be The Key to A New Career

Have you ever had the dream of working from home? Having a little more freedom over your day and taking control of your own career? With new technology and software springing up every month, it’s easier than

The Unbelievable Ways Technology Can Help Your Business Save Money

It’s no secret that technology has so many uses in the business world. Amongst all these uses it’s become amazing at helping businesses save money. Do you want to know how? Then check out the points in

Sophisticated Technology and The Human Factor

As online technologies become more and more sophisticated, the tendency for us to believe that machines could perform on their own without human intervention becomes even stronger. This is an illusion because behind every new technology are

Festo introduces The ExoHand

Tools have many useful purposes and help to make life easier. For example, a pair of pliers increases the strength of a hand in order to turn something. Other tools, such as a wheelchair, help disabled people

New Technology allows for Smear-Free Touch Screens

Annoyances of a Glass Touch Screen I would love it if my Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPad had smear-free touch screens. My iPad is great. I use it daily and it makes it so easy to work