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Going Paperless with the Cloud

As businesses continue to grow and adapt with the changing times, more are opting to go paperless. The tech world is growing at a rapid rate and creating systems that allow business to streamline their services. The

The Digital Side of Business: Implementing an Internal Security Penetration Testing Plan

How much do you know about vulnerabilities within your company? If you’re like most business people, you either think you’re covered or you know there’s a problem but don’t know what to do about it. Almost no

Useful Tips on How Developers Can Make Their Apps Hacker-Proof

It is a generally accepted notion that no app is hack-proof so you may think that the title of this post is misleading. However, the intention here is not to do the impossible but to at least

Tips to Prevent Your iDevices from Being Hacked

Apple devices are not exactly Fort Knox, as much as we’d like to believe them to be. The security crack known as “go to fail” can give the hackers absolute authority into your device to wreak havoc.

Protect Your Data from Snooping When You Are in a Free WiFi Zone

When there is WiFi hotspots in the coffee shops, airports, hotels, universities, libraries, and other public places, getting online has become cooler than ever. It is a usual scene now to see someone doing online shopping from

Avoid Creating Vulnerable Passwords

In previous years, when the annual list of “worst passwords” for the year were compiled, the word “password” itself ranked at the top of the list. However, according to SplashData, “password” was replaced in the year 2013

Secure Your Documents – It’s Risky Out There

The Washington Post reported on a story awhile ago about sensitive documents in the U.S. Compound in Libya which were exposed to looters after the attack. The documents detailed information regarding U.S. Weapons, emergency, and itinerary operations

6 Steps in Making A Safe and Strong Internet Password

Passwords are like precious keys to a man’s safe. There are a lot of information that can be saved in the internet these days including: personal information, important documents, and the hacker favorite bank account information. For