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Don’t Forget These Vital Protections for Your Business IT System

Having working IT systems is essential for many businesses. While some small businesses get by with a computer or two, others need to have much more elaborate setups to operate properly. Whether your IT system is just

Why Your MacBook Pro Needs Antivirus Software

When you’re considering purchasing antivirus software for your MacBook Pro, you might ask yourself if you really need it. After all, aren’t Macs immune to viruses, malware, or other forms of digital threats? The answer to that

Security and Penetration Testing: A Case Study

You may be wondering exactly what a penetration test involves and working through the steps of a standard ‘pen test’ is a useful way of understanding how the process can benefit your business. While each pen test

3 of The Biggest Cyber Threats of 2013 (And How You Can Protect Your Systems from Them)

For as long as there’s been technology, there have been those willing to try and attack it. 2013, sadly, has been no different. That’s why we’re going to take a look at three of the key areas

10 Myths About Cyber Security

When it comes to reaching out from your home and connecting with the world from your computer, it’s important to remember that the door swings both ways. Malware, viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and any number of other

Simple Steps to Stave Off Hackers from Accessing Your Computer

Although computers come with their own security software, sometimes they are not enough to ward off bound and determined hackers, scammers and identity thieves from stealing your personal information. This is a fact of life in the

5 Genius Ways to Use Keylogger Software that Will Thwart Danger in A Heartbeat

Have you ever wanted to be like James Bond? He has some of the best spy equipment in the world and you’ll not find most of the things he uses, but you can definitely get some cool

How Effective Are Antivirus Programs?

Technology has moved forward dramatically in a few short years, and more people than ever are connected to the Internet, many of whom have never even asked themselves the question “How effective are antivirus programs?“ Do you