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Biometric Technology Offers An Advantage Over Passwords

Many tech companies are leaning towards using alternative ways to log into devices and accounts that will not require the use of passwords. While passwords have been around for many years as a way to secure an

Useful Tips on How Developers Can Make Their Apps Hacker-Proof

It is a generally accepted notion that no app is hack-proof so you may think that the title of this post is misleading. However, the intention here is not to do the impossible but to at least

Technology That Can Lend a Hand in eCommerce

The computer age is all about learning how to take advantage of advances in technology, whether it is in our personal or professional lives. Business owners who choose to set up shop during this time have two

Secure Connection While Using WiFi: Is It Possible?

Are you on a public network? If yes, you need to change the way you use the internet and the WiFi completely. When you are at home, you might share a number of things, such as folders,

Security and Penetration Testing: A Case Study

You may be wondering exactly what a penetration test involves and working through the steps of a standard ‘pen test’ is a useful way of understanding how the process can benefit your business. While each pen test

3 of The Biggest Cyber Threats of 2013 (And How You Can Protect Your Systems from Them)

For as long as there’s been technology, there have been those willing to try and attack it. 2013, sadly, has been no different. That’s why we’re going to take a look at three of the key areas

Is Getting Hacked Ever A Good Thing?

The first three months of 2013 are full of instances of websites and Twitter feeds of various brands, in particular, being hacked. Those responsible have ranged from the online ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous to people linked to both

I’ve Been Hacked! 5 Things to do

One of the biggest hassles you can ever experience online is being hacked. This is because not only will your private documents and information will be disclosed, but it will also be difficult to retract the possible