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The Bitdefender 2018 Makeover: What’s New?

It is that time of the year again where Bitdefender releases the next year’s software line. As with other product overhauls by the company, this year’s change comes with a lot of new looks and great features

Don’t Sweat – Sort Out Your Internet! Common Online Problems to Tackle Now!

The online age has brought with it a whole heap of new problems that businesses need to concern themselves with. But when we talk about these problems, they usually concern external forces. We talk about cybercriminals who

How to Avoid Falling for A Phishing Scam

Ecommerce is big business. Hundreds of billions of electronic transactions occur globally each year and this figure is set to continue to rise. Unfortunately as this business has grown it has become prey to some nefarious operators

5 Genius Ways to Use Keylogger Software that Will Thwart Danger in A Heartbeat

Have you ever wanted to be like James Bond? He has some of the best spy equipment in the world and you’ll not find most of the things he uses, but you can definitely get some cool

Online Security Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Online security is a major issue right now and many people just don’t take the necessary precautions until it’s too late. Ignoring a security problem on your computer can lead to chaos so it’s better to take