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From Gaming to Graphics and Beyond: How to Find the Perfect PC Accessories for You

Gaming on a PC can be an awesome way to spend time, if you have the right stuff. Many times, gamers looking to take their skills to the next level find themselves plateauing and unable to make

Why Your Computer Does Not Need Screen Savers

There was a time when screen savers were deemed necessary, however, with today’s modern flat panel LCD displays found on both televisions and computer monitors they are no longer needed. In fact, screen savers actually waste a

How to Position Your Monitor Ergonomically: 3 Tips that Will Surprise You

Positioning computer equipment, such as monitors, shares the same principle as real estate: location, location, location. You can spend thousands on the greatest monitor available, but only if you put it in the right location will you

A Second Monitor – When One’s not Enough

How many times have we watched those sci-fi films with their multi-screen computers and wondered how could someone connect six monitors to their computer? Every time we thought about doing it ourselves, we were left confused and