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Backing Up Files to Avoid Loss of Data

Having all of your important files stored in only one place is never a good idea. A computer crash could occur at any time, or you could even fall victim to ransomware or a glitch in a

Benefits of Synchronous Cloud Storage

Storing files on the Cloud is not necessarily a new technology. However, there are many people that haven’t really delved into the possibilities of using such conveniences online. Instead, people are consumed with sharing on social sites

Discover Cloud Computing Benefits to Non-Profits

Cloud computing is gaining traction from non-profit organizations (NGOs) according to TechSoup Global 2012 Global Cloud Computing Survey, indicating that 90% out of 10,500 correspondents from 88 countries are using at least one cloud computing application. More

How to Select The Best Free Online Storage Service

Choosing the best, free online storage service for you starts with defining your storage needs, and what services most accurately reflect them. Then, look into the major criteria you’ll want in order to successfully handle your needs.