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Should I Use A Screen Protector On My Smartphone, Or Not?

Smartphones are not cheap, and nothing is worse than getting a big scratch on the screen. This is why most people immediately place a screen protector on their phone as soon as they get it, as a

Is It Time to Say Goodbye to the Computer Mouse?

The growing popularity of handheld PCs marks a major movement in computer history. Aside from the change in computer use due to the rise of these revolutionary innovations, the phenomenon also signals an imminent change in input

Is This The End of the Desktop and Laptop?

Is the end of desktop computing approaching? No I don’t think so! If like me you have had a look at the latest operating system from Microsoft (Windows 8) you will be forgiven for thinking things are looking very

Learn How To Use the Crayola Trace and Draw Kit

What is the Crayola Trace & Draw Kit? The Crayola Trace & Draw Kit is a handy-dandy little addition for your iPad 2. This clever snap-on cover allows your kids to practice their artistic skills on the

iPad For Dummies : Very Comprehensive And Quick Review

For those who have typical interests in advanced gadgets, the iPad is just another pricey device from Apple. If they choose to go to Apple’s website, they probably have been influenced to buy the gadget as an