11 Elements of an Epic Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are an excellent way to enhance engagement with your brand. In fact, according to Nielsen Norman Group, 90% of consumers prefer to receive updates via an email newsletter while just 10% prefer updates on social channels. Many of us think about how to make an effective email newsletter. For the effective email newsletter, you must correctly perform basic actions: choose a reliable email service, adapt content for reading from mobile devises, write catchy texts, collect a sufficient number of addresses of potential and existing customers and segment the audience. However, sometimes this is not enough: your colleagues make similar newsletters, so you should try to surprise subscribers with something new and interesting. In this article, you will find 11 tips that will help you figure out what to write in the mailing list to customers, and understand how to make sales letters bright and commercially successful. You should improve the quality of the mailing following all the tips shown in the infographic. In a few months, you will notice the result – an increase in the rate of open letters, CTR and conversion. In the meantime, select two tips that you can implement already this week. It is also very important to choose a reliable email platform. Using this platform, you can build an email strategy, create a content plan, and segment the base. It is important to ensure that your potential customers read each of your letters and place orders with it.