13 Technological Solutions to Improve Your Marketing Activities

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Every successful company attempts to find better strategies to enhance its productivity and reach more customers. The traditional marketing solutions haven’t lost their effectiveness and will take some time to become obsolete. Yet digital advertising activities are far more influential than any television or newspaper promotional campaign. Modern technology has proven to be a game-changing innovation in the commercial universe. The idea’s simple enough. You build a website that grasps online users’ attention. Almost half of the mobile searches conclude with a purchase. But you must ensure your brand becomes more visible to the online traffic. And these tech tips help you achieve this very purpose.

1. SEO

Your marketing efforts revolve around making the brand more visible among online searches. If your website doesn’t appear on Google’s first page, it has meek chances of attracting target audiences. That’s where search engine optimization tools enter to bolster your brand’s searchability. SEO tools offer ample resources for keeping track of keyword ranking and searchability score. So, don’t neglect to make fair use of these tools to maintain search visibility.

2. Target Your Niche

These SEO tools help your organization improve its marketing activities by targeting your niche. The target audience consists of online users more likely to respond to your promotional campaigns. Thus, your company doesn’t waste finances showing ads to people who won’t be interested in your products. Niche marketing promises a higher ROI, less competition, and more loyal consumers.

3. Competition Analysis

The 21st-century market has become more challenging for startups. That’s why you require competitive analysis tools to survive and prosper in the age of digital marketing. Tools such as Open Site Explorer allow you to work on your company’s differentiators. These differentiators are factors that make your product more appealing to your customer than a competitor’s. Now you can monitor your rival’s performance and their offerings.

4. Offer Incentives

You can trade your product for a visitor’s information for email list-building. An eBook, flipbook, or whitepaper are some incentives websites offer in exchange for customers’ contact information. Consider trying this software here to create, design, and publish informative flipbooks. This method is useful in finding people interested in your services so you can continue marketing to them. Trading perks for emails lets you add more people to your mailing list and acquire more leads.

5. Social Media

Managing your various social media accounts allows you to attract new customers and retain existing ones. This method also helps you enhance your brand identity and upgrade your SEO ranking. Now organizations can utilize platforms such as Buffer and Hootsuite to control their social media marketing. These tech solutions let you engage your audience and grow your social following across multiple channels. One platform manages all your digital accounts simultaneously.

6. CTAs

It’s necessary adding proper CTAs to your content. A CTA – or a “call-to-action” – tells people how to apply the information you’ve provided them. It can direct a reader to purchase something from your company or subscribe to your mailing list. So, don’t publish a blog/article/eBook without adding some clear-cut CTAs. Just tweaking your CTA button can boost your sales exponentially in real-time. Try the HubSpot call-to-action tool if you require technical help with this feature.

7. Marketing Automation

Automation has revolutionized many aspects of digital marketing. Implementation of this technology helps you quickly produce effective marketing campaigns by clicking a few buttons. It can be a little challenging to research and nurture every single lead. But tools such as Eloqua and Userfox streamline these procedures with automated analytics. They enable you to fully understand the lead’s hobbies and interests to prepare for an in-person marketing presentation.

8. Offer Value

Your customers matter, as do their opinions; so pay attention to what they say. Read reviews on your website – both positive and negative – and respond constructively to criticism. A survey shows that around one-fourth of customers don’t feel valued by service providers. Don’t make them think their opinions don’t matter. Offer them value via bonuses, coupons, and discount offers. That’s where we’re going to talk about upgrading your customer service.

9. CRM

Excellent customer service promises optimal marketing results. It includes making your site easy-to-explore and mobile-optimized while incorporated with virtual assistants. These bots provide 24/7 service to curious customers. You can now utilize CRM software such as Zoho and Salesforce to bolster business communication with different clients.

10. Online Transactions

Web-based payment systems allow individuals and organizations to send/receive funds online. These digital payment tools offer ease and flexibility of doing business. The world is slowly shifting to PayPal as such platforms provide you additional security. You can find many companies and customers willing to conduct business with you if you deal in web-based transactions. This feature is necessary to survive the digital age of marketing.

11. Productivity

Statistics show that an average American employee works 8+ hours every day. But they are productive for just three hours at most. Thus, organizations need to track and increase their productivity by implementing productivity apps. Tech solutions such as Slack and Trello help workers invest minimum time to achieve maximum results. You can download these mobile apps since they synchronize perfectly with their desktop versions.

12. Project Management

Unfortunately, only 58% of companies comprehend the significance of project management. No wonder many organizations unwittingly waste time and effort on large-scale projects. Project management platforms such as Podio and Basecamp allow you to track the progress of your tasks effectively. These tools let you collaborate with your colleagues and share important documents with them. Uplifting communication is an essential component of efficient project management.

13. Content Creation

Content drives your marketing and makes your website gain more visitors. But did you know that 80% of readers stopped at your post’s headline? That’s why you need a headline analyzer tool to grab a random guest’s attention. Design infographics with Canva and publish interactive videos with SnapApp to improve your marketing efforts digitally.


Technology possesses the potential to enhance your company’s productivity and contribute to its exponential growth. Digital marketing solutions can amplify your profits by automating promotional processes and improving your overall efficiency. Furthermore, these tech tools enable managers to track the projects’ progress and keep track of the workforce performance. Different software programs allow business owners to conduct market surveys to collect and analyze information. This information helps them upgrade their customer service and follow their competitors’ success.