Your Computer Could Be The Key to A New Career

a laptop

Have you ever had the dream of working from home? Having a little more freedom over your day and taking control of your own career? With new technology and software springing up every month, it’s easier than you might think to create an exciting new business that works for you.

So, how can you start turning one of your interests into a career.  It’s not as simple as quitting your job, sitting in front of your computer and jobs a goodun.  You will need to do a lot of research and it would help to have some kind of training or experience of the work you are about to take on.

If you fancy moving photography to the next level then it is possible to do this by setting up a website to promote your work and holding your own exhibition in a local cafe or hotel.  You may have to hire the space but if you talk to the owners it might be that you can come to some arrangement.  Of course, this is presuming you have mastered the art of editing your photos as well as shooting them.  Find some online courses so you can pick up some clever skills such as creating spot color in Adobe Premiere Pro this can give you a little extra boost when it comes to creating works for other people.  It will also help ensure your images are good enough for magazines or newspapers if you want to go down that root.

Of course you don’t have to make a massive change to the career you are in now.  If you are working in marketing, PR or as a personal assistant you can offer your services freelance.  You will need to get to grips with social media and website building, but with solutions such as WordPress, building your own website has never been easier.  You can even manage your site and your customers online, from your mobile phone.  Meaning you can work from anywhere.

Building a strong database of clients is going to be your biggest challenge so make sure you are prepared to deal with the financial strain that might come between leaving your employment and building up momentum with your freelance work.  There are some great online workshops which will help you understand the best ways to reach your customers but you should also try and make the most of local business networking events.  You might find some other companies you have synergy with and end up helping each other.

With Xero you can also keep on top of multiple company accounts which could be a great way of managing a career online.  Bookkeepers are paid pretty well as running accounts is a vital but time consuming part of owning a business.  Get in touch with lots of local firms to see if they need help in this area.

There are limitless ways you can use a computer to start your own business online, you just need to get Googling and pick up as many tips as you can.  You don’t have to be tied to the desk any longer.  So get out there, work on location and enjoy the work you do!

[Image by : Pexels]