Deleted Your Files Somehow? There Are Ways Around It!

When we have a lot of computer documents, it can be tricky keeping track and if something should go wrong, we could lose our files. They may be valuable documents relating to work or personal life and without the necessary backup systems, you are definitely not in a great position. There are ways to search for lost files, depending on how they were lost and the technical issue with the computer, but the best way is to have adequate backup systems. Prevention is better than the cure. Using cheap vps you can have access to the cloud and configure it. Keep your files safe and it is something that is highly recommended. However in this instance if you do not yet have cloud access, there are a few tricks to look at finding lost files.

how to recover deleted files
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Laptops have errors, that is no surprise. They break down often, crash and need rebooting a lot. So what if we suddenly lose our files by accidentally deleting them let’s say? There are ways to restore your computer but you must also first look at getting some type of software to help you restore and find them: 

  • Downloading a recovery software. Install it to a different hard drive from the one containing the deleted files if possible.
  • Select the disk or card which contain any of your deleted files and allow the tool to scan for the missing files.
  • Select the files to recover.
  • Choose a save location, which must be different to the original location and keep safe.

If you have deleted into your recycle bin and are having problems restoring deleted files there, then there are also a couple of tricks. Restoring a file from the Recycle Bin is a simple matter unless the Recycle bin icon isn’t there that is. If that is the case you must search in the Start menu for ‘Show or Hide’ and you should see a shortcut to the settings where you can tick the box next to the Recycle Bin and it should appear in front of you. However, recycle bins should also be maintained as once you exceed the file limit, older files will be deleted permanently and automatically and there will be much less chance of ever getting your files back so be sure that you are not keeping things temporarily in the Recycle box just to save space or forgetting that you deleted them. The default size is usually more than adequate for most people’s usage unless you are dealing with lots of files, perhaps multiple video files or types of programming, so there’s a very good chance that your files will indeed still be there and you will be able to restore them.  

Computers are tricky, but once you have wrapped your head around them, then they will also seem relatively easy too! Everything has a purpose on a computer and every type of software and application has its own set of rules that work like clockwork… if you know how, of course! 

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