How You Can Get On The Internet Cheaply

The internet is an amazing tool you shouldn’t be without. Sometimes your financials will stand in the way of that though. When that’s the case, you can feel a little bit helpless without it. Not to fear though. There are ways of getting onto the web without breaking the bank. Here’s how.

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1. Public Access

That’s right, you can get on computers and use the internet for free. If you’re a part of a University or College you may have some computers set up to be used on your campus. If you’re not a student, you could try coffee shops with free WiFi. If you can bring your own laptop or smart device you can tap into their network and use it for so long as you’re in the shop. While not required, you’d best buy a drink out of courtesy though.

2. Package Deals

If it’s looking like getting connected to the internet alone is too expensive, pick one of the cable TV, high-speed Internet and digital telephone packages you can find from service providers. Having all these services under one payment can save you money.

Having all these services separately from multiple providers means you can get charged higher amounts and variable usage rates between them. By putting them together in one package, you’ll be unified under one provider who will give a favorable rate.

3. Paid Access

If you can’t afford a recurring internet connection cost, you might be able to afford per-use. What that means is you can use internet cafes and the like. Some internet cafes are cheaper than others. Some will specialize in gaming-grade computers which will put the cost up. If all you want to do is check your email, just find a normal internet cafe with no specialization.

What you have to remember about these internet cafes is that security is key. When you are logging onto a public computer, there is every chance you may put your details at risk. Try not to do anything important like banking or accessing your private email on these computers. Even social media accounts are at risk.

4. Borrow

If you’ve got no other options, you can ask a friend or relative if you can use their internet connection while you’re at their home. This is fine for the first few times, but eventually it may just seem like you’re over there to use their internet and nothing else.

Alternatively, you can try using a neighbor’s WiFi. You could ask, or you could just use it without their permission. Some WiFi connections will be locked with a password and they’ll be inaccessible to you. Others may not be though. You do need to be aware of shared media and viruses though. A lack of a lock on their internet connection may indicate they don’t know how the internet works. They may end up with several viruses on their computer.

A shared connection like WiFi may end up transferring the viruses. This is via the data packets sent and received to access the internet. So long as you have a strong firewall and antivirus software though, you’ll be fine.

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