Health Concerns in Gaming That We Should be Thinking About More

We all know that we need to be more concerned with our health when it comes to using computers. The same can go for how we play our video games. In fact, it’s suggested that there are even more health concerns in gaming than most of us are aware of. If you’re getting worried about how your passion for games might be affecting your health, then keep reading. It’s entirely possible to enjoy a hobby like video games. You just have to be responsible.

1. Carpal tunnel and back pain

Health Concerns in Gaming That We Should be Thinking About More

Repetitive strain injury, trapped nerves and other aches might seem like long-term enemies for a lot of gamers. Sitting stationary in any one position for too long is going to cause you problems. However, alleviating them can sometimes be as easy as using ergonomic equipment. Making sure that your back is supported. Your wrist, too, if you’re PC gaming. That can be as simple as using different chairs and mouse pads.

2. Eyestrain

health concerns in gaming

Digital eyestrain doesn’t only just affect gamers, but it can affect them more than anyone else. There are few means of digital entertainment that require as much focus. It can leave your eyes feeling irritated, sore and dry. Getting the right amount of space from the screen, as well as surrounding lighting, is vital. As is using tools like glasses for gamers that can reduce screen glare.

3. Exhaustion

health concerns in gaming

Gaming can also have a severe effect on your sleep. As a kid, there are few memories as fun as staying up all night with a friend playing video games. If that becomes a common occurrence, it can lead to bad sleeping patterns. Artificial light before bed not only reduces the amount of sleep you have. It also reduces the quality of the sleep you get. This can lead to exhaustion, stress and lots of other worrying health concerns due to gaming.

4. Inactivity

health concerns in gaming

If you get really engrossed in a game, you might find yourself sitting there for hours. However, the drawbacks of that are clear. Your metabolism will slow, meaning you’re less in control of your weight. Similarly, your cholesterol and blood pressure can both spike. Getting a bit of activity while you’re sitting and gaming can help. More important, however, is taking a break every hour.

5. Frequent illness

health concerns in gaming

It’s not a concern for all, but if you don’t take care of your gaming environment, you might make yourself a lot more open to illness. Dust and bacteria build-up can lead to or worsen a lot of conditions. So make sure you’re thorough in dusting and using antibacterial wipes. Keep your gaming station clean to minimize health concerns.

6. Addiction

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It’s one of the most serious conditions and one that some might get defensive about. We don’t want to hear that we might be addicted to something we enjoy as much as gaming. But it can cause serious detriment to your life. So keep an eye out for symptoms like irritability when you’re unable to game or isolation from friends and family. That may be a clue you need a longer break than usual. Addictive behavior can reach to every aspect of life. Don’t think that it’s impossible.