9 Helpful Resources for Students to Take Care of Health Properly in College

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Staying healthy might seem challenging for students. Proper nutrition is usually more expensive than processed and fast food.

Students are overloaded with assignments, work, and social life. Yet, it is possible to remain healthy with the use of several resources. Some apps and websites help plan meals, exercise at home and reduce stress and anxiety.

Overall well-being is key to a balanced life and academic success, so here is a list of useful resources to stay in good health in college.

Planning Nutrition

The key element to a healthy life is proper nutrition. It is essential to have a balanced diet with vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, protein, and fats.

Another important factor is buying organic food. It might be hard as the campuses differ and not all of them have organic grocery stores nearby.

There is also the need to cover recipes and planning the diet. It is always good to have a plan for the whole week before going to the store. If you think that you will never have time to cook, there are plenty of solutions. If you live in the dorm, consider scheduling preparing meals with the neighbors or simply delegate an assignment or a few to write my custom essay services.

This way, you will have some spare time on really important things, as health should always remain the priority. The following apps and websites will help you find amazing recipes, plan the diet, and know where to find the needed products.

Here is a couple of online places to shop.


This is an amazing website that offers food, supplements, and household items. All the featured brands are healthy and natural. There are also organic beauty products available.

The items here are overall less expensive than in a retail store. The shipping is free when you order products for $49 and more.

Thrive Market

It is an amazing resource with lots of benefits. It is available for a yearly subscription, yet there is a 30 days free trial. So you can try it out and see if it fits your needs.

The products here are much cheaper than in retail, and there is also free shipping for orders that are $49 and more. The advantages of this site include discounts and gifts. There are also beauty products and household items available to order.


This app offers recipes for 15 various diets, like paleo, budget-friendly, clean eating, diabetic, etc.

It is a subscription app with 14 days of free trial. It offered meal plans for a week based on the diet you’ve chosen. It also generates a grocery list to buy all the items.


This app is free, yet there is a pro version. It offers customized recipe planning. There are vegetarian, paleo, vegan, low-carb, keto, and other diet choices. Almost all the recipes take not more than 30 minutes to make.

You can also add information about food allergies. The app creates a grocery shop list automatically.

Another great way to maintain balance and well-being is to take supplements.


This website offers lots of information and articles about healthy life and also natural supplements for beauty, anxiety and stress relief, or better sleep.

Physical Exercise

Students need to have enough physical activity to be healthier, have a better immune system, and study more effectively. If there is no gym on campus, there are still a couple of ways to incorporate exercise in everyday routine.

Skimble Workout Trainer

This app is available for Android and iOS, has both free and paid versions. It offers a great variety of workouts with video and audio tutorials. There are routines for various tasks and goals; you can choose whatever suits you.


The main benefit of this app is that it also counts calories. It ticks two boxes – exercises routine and nutrition.

There are no tutorials; it helps to track your eating habits and suggests the fats, carbs, and sugar ratios. It integrates with more than a hundred fitness trackers, so you can save your workouts automatically.

Mental Health

It is important to be mentally healthy and clear your mind. It is quite hard to do with online services only, yet, there are some amazing apps out there.


This app has free and paid versions and offers specifics tracks to practice mindfulness, gratitude, and reduce stress.

There are programs and practical exercises on health and well-being, personal growth, mindfulness, and meditation, coping with stress, overcoming negative thinking.


This is a simple app that offers breathing exercises for immediate help with stress, anger management, and anxiety relief.

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Final Words

The secret to a healthy life is proper nutrition, physical activity, and mental health. Luckily, technology made all of these goals easier to achieve.

You can plan out healthy meals and get grocery lists. You can also shop online for cheaper and organic foods.

You can also stay physically active by following tutorials without the necessity to go to the gym. It is easy, fast, and can be incorporated into busy student life.