How to Handle a Cyber Bully

The advances in technology are allowing us to communicate in other ways. This movement is for the best, but some people are abusing their privileges of easy communication. Cyberbullying is a rising problem among the younger and older internet users. It’s easier for someone to say cruel things to hurt someone else virtually, rather than to their face. Therefore, bullying online and through texting is getting worse and more vulgar. Here are steps to follow in case you ever face a cyber bully:

a victim of cyberbullying

The problem with cyberbullying is that it’s done in the comfort of your home and there’s nowhere to escape to.

Don’t Provoke Them

It’s important to do your best to ignore the cyber bully. They are looking for a reaction from you, and giving into their game will only worsen the problem.  Being called names can really hurt feelings, so remind yourself that what they are saying isn’t true.

Facebook offers services on their page in case a cyber bully tries to insult your page content. You simply can report the bully and Facebook will take further steps to block and warn the cyber bully. In some cases, their profiles can be locked, so they can no longer use it.

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Report It To Someone Trusted

Whether you are in the workplace or on the playground, report the incident to someone with higher authority. They will assist you in solving the problem, and prevent it from happening in the future. Younger internet users tend to avoid telling someone because they fear they will only be further bullied. In most cases, it’s not true and it will stop. The cyber bully will push you as far as they possibly can without getting caught.

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Contact The Police If Threatened

If it comes to the point where you feel your life is at risk, you should report it to the police. Make sure you save the bullying occurrences as evidence for the police. You should not be bullied, but receiving death threats is also much more severe. Harassment is illegal and the police will handle your case for you.


If you know you can have a civil conversation with the bully, you should do so. Find out why the bully is doing this to you. If both of you are mature enough you can resolve your problems and move on with your life. Remember not to raise your voice and keep calm. If the bully starts insulting you in person, walk away. This confrontation option should only be used if you know the bully is not violent because you don’t want to put yourself at risk.

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