How to Protect Your Phone

Smartphones are becoming more advanced every year. The top of the range smartphones in the likes of the iPhone’s and Samsung’s are costing around £500 for the most basic model, so you want to make sure that you protect your investment. Here are some of the options you can consider in protecting your phone.

Get a phone case

phone protective cases

There are a wide choice of protective cases on the market including those made from silicone and leather. Silicone is great for shock absorbing, prevents scratches, is one of the cheapest protection options, provides extra hand grip, is hardly noticeable and is a snug fit to the shape of your phone. Whereas leather is often harder than silicone, resistant to scratches, dents, bumps, drops or chips and comes in a plush selection of attractive designs and colors. There are also more functional benefits including the iPhone wallet which lets you carry your phone, money and debit/credit cards all at the same time.

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Get insurance

Phone insurance may seem like an expenditure you could do without but if you happen to lose, break or get your mobile stolen then paying a few pounds a month will lift a huge weight off your shoulders if the worst happens. is a great place to start if you want to compare mobile phone insurance quotes, get the best deal and need some advice on the best insurance for your phone. For more information on mobile phone insurance, checkout the forum.

How to Protect Your Phone

Get a screen protector

Smear-free touch screens are still being developed, until then, screen protectors are pretty much needed in protecting your smartphone’s screen. Screen protectors are touch-screen compatible and easy-to affix to the screen of your phone. Because they are made from plastic, this guarantees protection from dirt, scratches and fingerprint smudges and your phone is kept clean and in pristine condition. Most screen protectors come in packs of 4 so you can change a necessary. Screen protectors are a must if your phone doesn’t have a gorilla glass screen as they’ll scratch much easier.

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Get a back-up

There is no excuse to not back-up your phone, especially when it’s free. Apple’s iCloud lets you store everything from your iPhone’s internal memory on the internet including music, photos, calendars, contacts, documents and so much more. It’s compatible with other Apple products too so you can access items from your iPad and Mac (or any iOS device) as well. If you’re using an Android you’ll be able to find loads of back up apps, if you go to the Google Play Store and you’ll be able to find loads to meet your needs.

Get an app

This app does exactly what it says on the tin – it finds your iPhone! The Find My iPhone app lets you remotely (i.e. via your iPad) find your iPhone and protect it. Once the app is activated on your Mac device, it will show-up your missing iPhone on a map, make a sound (even if the phone is on Silent Mode), display a message, lock it from use or delete all information on the device. Plus, if you decide to find your phone yourself you can retrieve driving instructions to your phone’s location. Not so handy if you’ve left it in a taxi but very useful otherwise!

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