Top 5 Music Gadgets to Keep An Eye On in 2014

No one can say no to music! It is a real magic that the same sounds come up with millions of mellifluous tunes in all new ways all the times. 2013 was a year of various gadgets raining in the market, and this is applicable for the music related gadgets too. So, what is in store for 2014? Don’t forget to visit for downloading ringtones for free. Here are the best music gadgets you are going to see this year.

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1. Pono

music gadgets - Pono

Neil Young has his own vision of how the future of handy music should be. The vision of Young has reached the users as Pono. Pono has an audiophile class portable player. But, why it comes first to the list is that there is a digital store that accompanies and let you get all the new and high resolution music tracks of your liking. As per Young, the music you get to hear in Pono is just like hearing it on the studio. More to enjoy with all your senses is what Young hints at. This has been the most anticipated music gadget.

2. Rocki


If you love music and want to hear the Audio tracks anywhere from the house with the ultimate control lying at your hands, then Rocki is for you. Rocki lets you control the speakers all over the house when you have connected them with Wi-Fi. There are also other connectivity options like RCA, HDMI, 3.5 mm and the optical input to any speaker you desire to connect with. The same can be connected to the hi-fi also. When you party all night, and like to rock the entire house with music, connect it with speakers and you can control the speakers with the PC or your mobile phone at a single go.

3. Harman Kardon Go + Play

Harman Kardon Go + Play

If you want to spend money on the product that has its own reputation and worth every penny you had spent, then Harman Kardon’s Go + play should be your choice. Harman Kardon has its own reputation of fantastic sound quality in all the gadgets they have come up with. This is a music gadget that would come up first in a competition among the rest of its likes this year. The looks itself is admiring. The gadget has a stainless steel finish and has the Bluetooth and 3.5 mm connectivity options. Download ringtones and audio tracks you love and turn it on for your BBQ, and let the gadget rock.

4. Sony ZX1

music gadgets: Sony zx1

If you love to hear high resolution audio, then Sony ZX1 should be the one you should go for. Sony engineers have designed the gadget in mind that all about the product should contribute to the high resolution sound feature. A few of the features of this gadget is DSEE Hx, storage capacity which is the large, best chassis, S-Master HX, and recharge time of 3 hours. You will enjoy the real master sound, and even can find this go beyond the CD quality of sound. You can also stream the music to speakers and headphones instantly.

5. AKG K-451

music gadgets: AKG K-451

This is a portable listening option which offers style. The clarity of the sound is crisp on any types of music, vocal or bass. The microphone is compatible with iOS devices. The device itself is light in weight and comfortable to use. The noise of the environment can never disturb you because it is engineered to reduce ambiance noise. Also, your music will not be disturbing others as it is inaudible those next to you.

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