Must-have Computer Equipment for Photographers

photographerGone are the days when people had to carry around huge cameras in order to take amazing photographs, before waiting days in order to get their spectacular images printed onto paper or canvas. However, with so many computer accessories, hardware and software to choose from in relation to photography, you may be a little overwhelmed deciding which gadgets are essential for pursuing your passion.

Fortunately, we have compiled a checklist of equipment that every photographer should have close at hand, so that they can capture awe-inspiring snaps every time:

Photo-based software

Whether you have an Apple or a Windows 7 computer, you will have access to two excellent photo-based programs straight from the box. For one, every Windows 7 PC and laptop comes installed with the Windows Photo Gallery, where you can edit photos on your system to your heart’s content, and even create striking panoramic photos from scratch. Meanwhile, every Apple Mac operating system has the iPhoto tab, whereby you can post all of your edited photos in the program to your Facebook page with just a click of a button.

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A printer

While it is becoming more common to post photos online so that friends and family have an easy way to access holiday snaps and precious family portraits, there will still be a few images that you will want to hang around your house. As a result, you will need a top-quality printer in order to transfer photographs from your computer to paper, card, canvas or any other material you want your images displayed on easily and effectively.

You have a few options available to you in this regard. First, there is the choice to set up an inkjet printer in your home – the high-end devices in this range come with WiFi connectivity and their own LCD screen to make life simple. Then there is the opportunity to seek out a print specialist either on the high street or online. Jessops, for example, have experts on hand who will be able to create impressive wall art, calendars and standard prints using your cherished photos.

In a rush to print your snaps? The PoGo Instant Photo Printer is a unique inkless portable printer that can produce top-quality photos in less than a minute. All you need to do is send your images to the device either by Bluetooth or a USB cable to get the process started. Watch how it works.

A means of backup

You should not just be thinking how to edit or print your brilliant snaps – it is vital that you back up every image on your computer in case you suffer from an unexpected glitch. Technology can go on the blink at a moment’s notice, with a major malfunction possibly resulting in you losing hundreds if not thousands of your precious photos in an instant. Reduce the stress then, by copying every image you place onto your PC or laptop’s hard drive onto an external hard drive, Blu-ray or DVD disc, or USB stick. It may take a few minutes to complete, but the time will surely be worth it if it means your pics are always safe and accessible.

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[Image credit: JMSF415, Flickr]


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