Safeguard Your Important Documents by Controlling Document Expiry and Revocation


Having total control over the data and documents of your enterprise is very important as it is the only way to stop the unauthorized copying, printing, and downloading of these important documents. Enterprise PDF DRM is the solution to all such document security issues which are faced by the organizations around the world. The Digital Rights Management system addresses the document security threats present internally and externally. These threats are many times also posed by the employees of the organization.

Common Information Security Threats

Every organization comes across the information security threats during its lifespan. Some such common threats are;

  • Threat to confidential data – This is one of the biggest threats to the organization as many unlawful acts can take place against the organization to grab the confidential information that can be its vital business secret. This data, which is actually the Intellectual Property (IP) of the organization, would become the major threat for the organization if gone in wrong hands.
  • Threat to business processes – Business processes are now automated and when any intruder uses the malicious code to alter these business processes then the consequences may be really bad for the business. The entry point for this intruder would mainly be the point of information security lapse. The organizations may maintain utmost security standards to restrict such threats.
  • Threat to resources – This is again a major threat as every business relies on certain set of resources that include the customers, suppliers, and other database. If due to security lapse, you lose this data to any of your competitors then the chances are there that you lose whole of your business too. To secure such crucial data and information, you may secure such important data files through appropriate technology and data security process.

What can one do to minimize such threats?

These threats are quite common and are present in every business. The Enterprise PDF DRM is all about minimizing such information security threats and there are various features that together make it successful. The crucial functions of the PDF DRM include the controlling of;

  • Copying, printing, viewing, and editing of the documents.
  • Number of views.
  • Expiry and revocation of documents.

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How would controlling document expiry and revocation help?

Controlling the expiry and revocation of the documents would restrict the unauthorized views. The user can keep the fixed expiry or also restrict the number of views such that the document is not available for viewing after certain fixed number of views. The user can revoke this document any time after expiry of number of views or the period. Controlling the expiry of the document would offer you full control over the document all the time and even when it is at other location. The expiry period can be further shortened if the user feels so. This way the document can be restricted for viewing anytime once it is controlled through PDF DRM system.

Your document is your intellectual property and you have all right to control its viewing, sharing, and copying through efficient Digital Rights Management system.

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