Say No to Inkjet Printer Clog!

As a student, writing your paper works especially in thesis-making really consumes a lot of time. The typing alone is really a burden plus the editing, which requires you to review all your work from the top. But the most annoying thing that may happen is when you are all done and then suddenly, when you start printing, the damn print head clogged up on you resulting to streaks or missing colors from your printing!

how to clear a stubborn inkjet printer clog

This is so frustrating especially when you are in the middle of printing something urgent and important. This clogged print head will absolutely ruin your day — it is proven. I also experienced this problem in my inkjet printer.

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Any ideas on how to clear a stubborn inkjet printer clog? Let us know in the comments.

Head-Cleaning Cycles

Most of the time, clogs can be normally removed through the use of “head-cleaning” cycles, a built-in and specialized function of your printer that meant to fix inkjet printer problem. A dual process of sending a strong “print signal” to your printer and drawing a small vacuum from underneath works to suck out clogged ink from the print head where the ink actually comes out.

Read your printer owner’s manual for you to find the location of the head-cleaning cycle procedure because it varies depending on the brand.

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A severely dirty and clogged capping station

Household Products

For problems like this, you may also use some basic household products. In fact, Windex glass cleaner is effective and works well in dissolving dried ink. It contains a secret ingredient — ammonia, which is a potent and powerful stuff. Provide a good ventilation and avoid mixing it with other chemicals.Soak the print head with a solution 50/50 ammonia and distilled water for an hour or two. If the initial soaking won’t work, do it again but this time with 100% ammonia for up to one hour. Let the ammonia takes it’s toll until the clogs disappear.

To avoid this clogged print head problem, the best way is to regularly check your printer. Happy printing!

How do you solve your inkjet printer clog problem? Please tell us in the comments.


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