How to Start a Successful IT Career

In order to start a successful IT career it’s important to have the relevant certifications. The best place to start is the CompTIA A+ course which is an entry level qualification for the IT field. Once you have the relevant certifications, it’s time to build on your experience and enter the working world.

Get certified

Becoming a certified IT professional has many benefits. These benefits can include career growth or even potential growth in your earnings. CompTIA A+ is a certificate that is held by over 1 million people. Whether you are new to the IT industry or wish to improve on your current skills, the internationally recognised CompTIA A+ course certification is the leading qualification in IT foundations.

What is the CompTIA A+?

CompTIA stands for Computing Technology Industry Association. The difference between the CompTIA A+ course and other CompTIA courses is that the A+ course covers the foundational IT skills across a variety of devices and systems.

The A+ qualification is the qualification most people start with when entering the field of IT. It is the most well-known and many employers seek employees with this qualification.

Important points about CompTIA A+

  • Covers a broad range of topics
  • Outlines the understanding of software, hardware and networking technologies
  • One of the most popular foundational certificates in the world
  • Once you have been certified, you will be treated as a professional in your field which can give you the confidence you need to excel.

How do I get CompTIA A+ certified?

In order to be CompTIA A+ certified you need to pass two exams. These two exams are 220-901 and 220-902. In order to pass the exams, it’s advised that you buy an online training course that can assist you with exam preparation. The training course should cover the following topics that you will need to understand in order to pass the exams.

220-901 Topics that are covered:
• Hardware
• Networking
• Mobile devices
• Hardware and network trouble shooting

220-902 Topics that are covered:
• Installing and configuring operating systems
• Security
• Cloud computing
• Operational procedures

What skills will I obtain after completing CompTIA A+?

The CompTIA A+ course can help you develop the following skills:

• Installation and maintenance of hardware
• Customisation and operation of multiple platforms e.g. mobile devices
• Identify security breaches
• Basic cloud computing and virtualization
• Maintaining Windows operating systems and other operating systems such as Linux, Android and IOS
• Technical support

Where can I study CompTIA A+?

Thanks to the internet a lot of IT qualifications can be easily obtained online.

However it’s important that you choose to study with an accredited course provider.

One of the leading providers of online training, ITonlineLearning, offers the CompTIA A+ course. Here you can find tuition for your exams as well as access to their Live Labs. Their Live Labs are designed to help students gain practical experience on real servers, routers and switches from the comfort of your own home.

Build on your experience

So after you’ve been certified, then what? IT can be seen as more than honing in on your technical skills, it takes people skills too. In order to enter the working world there are a few tools you need to sharpen up on before you get your foot in the door.

• Update your CV
This includes your LinkedIn profile as well as making sure that all the information you have submitted is relevant to your chosen field.

• Interview Skills
Take an interest in the company you would like to apply at. Find out about what they are currently working on or who works at the company. By showing an interest this could set you apart from the competition.

• Don’t let the learning stop once you have been certified
IT is an ever changing field where information is constantly being updated. Either take initiative and let your mind be a sponge to new information or get left behind in your cozy comfort zone.

The internet is a fountain of knowledge which you can use to your advantage. Those who succeed in this industry are those who keep up to date with current trends in their field and keep their knowledge base current. When it comes to starting out in the IT field, it’s important to have a good foundation of knowledge and certifications, like CompTIA A+. A new IT career can be fruitful and it is one where you can expect a lot of change which is always exciting to be a part of. Once you have your foot in the door, remember to take the opportunity to gain as much experience as you can and to continue learning.

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