7 Ways Recruitment Agencies Can Benefit from Time Tracking Software

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Time tracking systems are being used more and more by businesses to help increase productivity, improve management oversight and boost staff productivity. In the recruitment industry, where hitting targets is crucial to a company’s success, employing a reliable time tracking software system can make big improvements to efficiency.

Before we outline the benefits of time tracking systems for businesses in the recruitment sector, let’s be clear on what a time tracking system actually is.

Time tracking systems work by logging what your employees have been working on and how long they have spent on each task. A good time tracking system should be clear and simple to use – both for the employee logging their work and for the manager who needs to view the information.

Other features may also be incorporated into the system, such as being able to raise invoices automatically from timesheets and being able to assign, or reassign, tasks to specific employees.

Business time tracking systems have come a long way in recent years. Thanks to new developments in software, they’ve moved on from complicated excel sheets or bits of paper that can be easily lost. For example, Crono is a new time tracking app that is based online and is a breeze to use for just about anyone.

So how can recruitment agencies benefit from a time tracking system like Crono?

1. Keep employees on track

Using a time tracking system is an effective way to ensure your employees are on track to meet their targets. As their employer, you can see what projects they have been working on and how much time has been spent helping each client. You can identify whether the employee needs to spend more time with a more valuable client and reallocate workload accordingly.

The time tracking system can be an equally useful tool for the employee, allowing them a true picture in how they have been allocating their time, so that they can re-evaluate priorities where necessary.

2. Identify areas for improvement

By using a time tracking system for businesses, you can identify any ways in which your processes and operations could be improved – for both the business and for your employees. If there is an imbalance in the allocation of workload, the time tracking software will help you spot it. If particular clients are proving demanding or unprofitable, having the facts will help you address these issues.

3. Review you recruiters’ performance

Time tracking systems are a useful tool for motivating your employees. At first, there may be some resistance from your workforce but staff need to understand that there are benefits to them too. Where commission is awarded, you can see who has performed the best and generated the most income and make sure the right people are rewarded. Having a record of performance can really motivate recruiters to raise their game and be more productive with their time.

4. Discover hidden costs

Time tracking software can help you spot any areas of your business that are unprofitable or even costing you money. For instance, you can see exactly how much time has been allocated to each of your clients, and then plot that against the income you’ve received from that client to analyse if a profit has been made. Knowing when too much time is being spent on unprofitable clients allows you to make management decisions about time allocation and evaluate your business partnerships.

5. Create better workflows for your recruiters

One of the benefits of a time tracking system such as Crono is that admins can assign tasks to specific employees. This means your recruiters can receive clear instruction on their workload directly through the app. With everything recorded within the software, there’s no confusion about who should be spending their time doing what.

6. Provides both personal and business insights

By being able to plot time spent on a recruitment project against the commission received you can see if that type of project is profitable, and assess whether your tariffs are set at a rate that’s both profitable to you and fair to your client. A timetracking system for business will also help you nurture your workforce – allowing you to identify strengths and weaknesses within the team so that you can get the most out of each employee.

7. Improve general efficiency

The key to running any business is to know what is going on within your organisation. When you have a good handle of how your employees work best, which jobs are most profitable and where there is room for improvement, you are much better placed for success. Business time management systems do so much more than simply tracking time. They provide a real-time, valuable insight into how your business is operating.

How to select the best time tracking system for business

If the benefits above have convinced you, the next step is to choose a time tracking system for business that is best suited to your needs. Do you want to log hours? Do you need to be able to allocate tasks to specific employees? Do you want to generate invoices from your timesheets?

Crono is a time tracking app that contains of all these features and we think it’s the best time tracking system for business. Crono has been designed with the user in mind and is super simple to use for managers and employees.

What really makes the best time tracking system for business is its usability. From a clear and beautifully designed dashboard, admin users can easily search and filter any information they need. And for employees, tracking time is a breeze and won’t stop them from getting on with more important tasks.

What’s more, you can sign up to Crono’s basic package absolutely free with no catches and no contracts. The package gives you access for up to two admin users for two projects at any one time. And if you need to add more, just upgrade.

Discover what the best free time tracking system can do for your recruitment business and sign up to Crono today.

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