Top 5 Facebook Alternatives to Fulfill Your Social Addiction

facebook alternatives

It could be privacy issues, the massive use of privacy data for some commercial purpose, or you need to experience some new stuff that might be making you to switch from Facebook to other social media. Interested to know about the alternatives for Facebook? Well, good news because we have some of the best alternatives for you.

Facebook is the strongest social media giant and most people of all ages use Facebook. But in offices, schools and universities, owners have restricted access to Facebook because people wasted so much time on Facebook. I know it’s unethical to use social sites on workplaces, but Facebook is not a hobby now; it’s an addiction to most people these days.

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One of the top reasons of providing the below listed social media platforms is to provide people other ways to fulfill their social addiction by using these social media sites other than just Facebook. The sites are very popular and may also be restricted on workplaces, but here are five different social communities and not all will be blocked. You just have to invite your best friends and family on these sites and some of them allow you to import your friends from Facebook.

Note: In this article, we will not add mobile only social networks, without any doubt these are now a day best time saving alternatives for Facebook. Missing with desktop access saves it from hosting the Full-brown alternatives of our eyes.

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1. Tagged


Tagged is very similar to Facebook, like: photo sharing, messages, and a strong focus on social games. Well, I’m not much of a fan, however with over 300 million registered users and 20 million unique active users, it shows that Tagged can be a good alternative of Facebook.

Note: In 2011, Hi5 has been achieved by Tagged, now eventually they from same family with only difference with branding.

2. MeetMe


MeetMe in the beginning was launched as myYearBook by two High school friends in 2005. Back in 2012, it is re-launched and re-mapped as “MeetMe” following the merger between myYearBook and Quepasa. The name reflects the meanings of the concept of searching for new people, as its slogan is ‘where new friends meet‘.

MeetMe supports by the Instant Messenger which is Meebo, same social games, media sharing options, with virtual economy. Members may also earn and use their money “Lunch Money”, a virtual currency that offers to pick or choose some gifts for other members; it also supports many “Causes” or Charity events.

3. Nextdoor


For private use this service is the best option. It only allows you to make contact to people who are living very close. NextDoor is basically for those users who are sick of Facebook privacy and want to enjoy secure and bounded alternative. This service is for free but you need to provide your home address. Clearance process might be including any credit card details, any code mails or phone number. After the registration process, a list of surrounding neighbors will be provided who are using it.

4. Bebo


Well, Bebo was launched in 2005, and grown up to the best social service provider. And mostly used as social networking website in The UK, Ireland and New Zealand. Back in 2008, AOL bought Bebo for $850 million. Again in 2010, its capital partners re-sold it at a huge discount at only $10 million and it is highlighted as “the worst deal in the dotcom era” by the media.

5. Google+


Google + has recently become as a biggest growing and most worthy alternative of Facebook. G+ features, so that you can manage people in different categories known as “circles”. Another amazing feature is “hangouts”, a video group chat (up to a group of 10 people), online chatting, photo sharing, social games and much more familiar features.

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No doubt Facebook is very popular, there are many others that are equally good if not better social media sites out there that deserve our attention. I’ve given here 5 of the best alternatives to Facebook which I think are worth checking them out.

How about you? Do you have any alternatives to Facebook? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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