How to Use Google+ to Improve Your Online Income

how to use google+ to improve your online income

Many people give Google+ grief as being a lower form of social networking. However, a large amount of people are still using the social hub and more join every day. Since it’s free to include this aspect into your marketing plans, you might as well engage those users.

Like the other forms of social media, Google+ can help you improve your online income by engaging people using content. If you use tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer, you can simply add this account in order to update that content on all of your social sites with a single post.

So, where does that leave you with Google+? How can you increase your income by connecting yourself to Google’s intricate web of tools and media?

1. Create a Page

Much like Facebook, Google+ allows users to make a business account page that can be used individually on other sites. For example, you can have a completely different YouTube account for yourself and one for your professional videos. Essentially, this account can act as an independent provider of content for the Internet.

2. Google Authorship

Make sure that you are getting credit for the content you’re writing. Google Authorship can help you build a reputation in Google+ as well as the search engine itself as your popularity will begin to take shape. This is also helpful if you’re a professional blogger or writer and want to use the search engine in order to build your influence online.

3. Posting Updates

Like Twitter and Facebook, you accumulate followers by developing engaging content. By including links within this content, you provide users with a method to click back to your website or blog. Many users of Google+ will post short snippets of an article on their websites with a link back to the main content. At which point, those users could spend money or utilize the services you have available for generating income.

4. The Use of Hashtags

Google+ acts in much the same way that Twitter does by allowing users to include hashtags in order to add to those topics of discussion. If you don’t add in your own, Google+ could do it for you by utilizing specific keywords in your post. These hashtags work the same way by joining your comment to all of those specific topics. This allows you to spread your material to those who may not know you exist.

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5. Comments on Others

Although posting updates to your profile can help generate traffic to your site, leaving comments for others can help generate interest as well. Sometimes individuals will click on a name in order to view a person’s full profile or other comments. These people can turn into followers that can receive regular updates of your new material.

6. Less Trouble than Facebook

Recently, posting comments to Facebook pages has been quite troublesome for many. For some unknown reason, various users cannot add status updates if they include a link of any kind to the business pages. Currently, Google+ users don’t have such a hard time. This means that your content is posted every time without fail. Whether you add these comments and posts manually or use a social media management tool, you can keep the populace apprised of everything that is going on.

7. Images

When providing a link for Google+, the primary image of the content is displayed alongside the link. This is how Facebook works for those that can get the aspect to work. Eye catching images can improve how often your posts are clicked on thus improving the chances of you capitalizing on someone spending money on your site.

While it’s good to use your own picture for your personal Google+ account, you may find a better reception for your business if you use your logo for the business page. This can denote a sense of professionalism and encourage trust within your target audience.

An active Google+ account can easily help you build a reputation as well as a fan-base that could greatly improve your online income. Social media is utilized by millions of people every day and adding Google+ to your marketing strategies allows you to broaden your scope. Take advantage of anything that is free and improve your online revenue stream.


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