7 Useful Mac Hacks to Help You More Productive

If you have changed from Windows to a Mac, or been using a really old Mac and just bought a new one, you will find that things are a bit different to what you are used to. As one of the best laptops around, the MacBook Pro has some brilliant features that are simple to use once you know how.

useful Mac hacks

1. Sharing With Friends

All you need to do is right click on the text you want to share and you will be given the option of sending it via email, as a message to Twitter or to Facebook.  You can even add it to iTunes as a spoken track, all with just a couple of clicks.

2. Pasting Without Formatting

Copying text from a document or webpage into an email can change the formatting. To prevent this from happening press command, shift key plus V and it will copy the text without altering it in any way.

3. Use The Pop-Up Dictionary

This can be a very useful tool, as it does not just give you definitions of words but also synonyms and links to find more information. To use it you simply have to highlight the word and then press control, command, and D. Alternatively, you can hover over the word and tap three fingers lightly on your trackpad.

4. Using Internet Explorer

If you try to download Internet Explorer to Mac you will soon realize this is not possible. There are ways to simulate IE for makes though and a great source of information on how to do this can be found at Setapp. Take a look and you will soon be using your favorite browser again with ease.

Most websites will work on Internet Explorer or Safari, which is the browser that Macs use. However, there are still a very few that need one or the other and it could be that you need IE to run a particular site for you.

5. Prevent Disturbances

If you are trying to get through some work the last thing you need is to keep being interrupted. You can prevent this from taking place by selecting ‘Do Not Disturb” in the notification sidebar and then you will get no more pop up notifications until the next day.

6. Mission Control

Mission Control allows you to see everything on your Mac that is open.  It lets you move seamlessly between each window and can be great if you are not the most organized of people. To access this you just have to press control and shift key.

7. Add Your Signature To Documents

You need to put your signature on a white piece of paper and then open Preview and go to Preferences>Signature. You hit the Create Signature and hold the paper up to the iSight camera. When it detects your signature hit accept. Now you can add your signature to forms and documents without having to print them first.

These are just a few of the features that a Mac has, there are many more that all contribute to making them easy to work with, which in turn will help to make you more productive.

[Image via: Google Images]