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Will Social Media Lead to A New Brand of Civic Journalism?

At one point in time, only those held in the highest regard and with the best resources could report the news and the way that people felt about it. Getting an article in print once meant having

Dealing With Swollen Batteries

Many of our everyday devices use lithium ion batteries and most of the time everything runs smoothly. But sometimes when a battery fails, it can become swollen, which can be dangerous. Here we learn about swollen batteries,

Tips on Selling your Old iPhone Online

So, you want to know how to sell your old iPhone online. Your iPhone might be broken or missing important components, but odds are you’ve simply upgraded to a newer model. What should you do when you

Simple Instructions on How to Secure Data on Your Cell Phone

Our smartphones have become more like mini mobile computers than cell phones. We use them to stay in touch — calling, texting, and e-mailing — as well as to manage our busy lives — shopping online, banking,