Tips on Selling your Old iPhone Online

So, you want to know how to sell your old iPhone online. Your iPhone might be broken or missing important components, but odds are you’ve simply upgraded to a newer model. What should you do when you want to sell your old iPhone online?

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sell your old iphone online
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Step 1 – Give your phone a once-over. Knowing exactly what you are offering when you sell an old cell phone is important. Absolutely any method you choose to employ when you sell old iPhones is going to require that you know what exactly you’re selling. Go through this list, to make sure that you have everything covered:

  • Does your phone turn on?
  • Is is able to make calls?
  • Does it do anything weird, like disconnect when it isn’t supposed to, or become inaudible in the middle of a call?
  • Do you have all of the items that originally came with the phone, including any chargers, USB connectors, headphones, manuals, and boxes?
  • Has your phone ever been dropped, bumped, scratched, dented, or dropped in water?

Step 2 – Go online to explore your options. Be sure to look for sites that offer to buy and sell cell phones for cash, especially ones that specialize in iPhones. Most of them will have their entire buying and selling process laid out on the site itself, so you can pick the one that’s the most straightforward and simple to understand.

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Step 3– Get a price quote. The exact procedure for doing this might vary a little from site to site, but it usually goes something like this:

  • Visit the site, and click on any links that associate with “Selling Your iPhone” to get your price quote.
  • Fill out a short form about your phone’s age, make, model, and history.
  • Be honest! Always make sure you indicate any damage that your phone has received, and don’t try to gloss over anything. If your phone can’t make calls, say so.
  • Click the submit button when you’re finished.
  • Your quote should pop up in a few seconds. Some sites may choose to email you your quote, instead.

Step 4 – Look your quote over, and see if you like it. If it seems fair to you, click the button to continue to the next part of the process. Here, you’ll be asked for your name and address, so you can get free shipping for your phone.

Step 5 – When you receive your shipping box or label, use it to mail your phone in. Your phone will be going to the company you received a quote from, not your phone’s eventual buyer. The company will need to see and inspect your phone before they list it for sale, especially if it doesn’t work. They will compare your phone to the description you gave on their website, and determine if your quote is accurate. This is why it’s so important to have an accurate idea of how well your phone works, so you can receive an accurate price quote right up front.

Step 6 – The company will contact you when they receive your phone and give it a thorough examination. They will want to let you know that your phone arrived safely, whether or not it matched your price quote, and will ask you to confirm your payment information and other details. This is the last step before you can get paid.

Step 7 – You will receive your payment. It’s up to you how you do so. If you have a bank account and a Paypal account attached to it, you may want to take a Paypal transfer. If you don’t, you might want to take a check, instead.

Step 8 – After you received your payment and your phone is examined, it will be fixed up and resold. This could happen days or weeks after your phone arrives, but it won’t matter to you- you’ll already have been paid.

It couldn’t be quicker to learn how to sell your iPhone online. If you follow these steps, you’re guaranteed to get paid quickly and easily. Don’t trust selling your phone to things like auction sites or newspaper classifieds, use a used cell phone site so you can be certain that you’ll get the fastest, fairest, safest, and easiest way to get paid.

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