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Computers Trained to Detect Pathologies

Google has now taken computer technology to a new level by using computer based reasoning to aid in the detection of breast cancer. The machine is “taught” to look for cell patterns within the tissue slides, much

Going With Multiple Monitors? Here’s the Gear You Will Need for Your Trading Computer

So you’ve realized that you need multiple monitors for your trading computer but aren’t really sure what you need in order to actually make that happen. No problem. There is obviously some additional gear that you will

Setting Up Your Home Office System

If you’ve just made the leap to working from home, or are simply looking to set up a functional work space in the spare room, you’ll know how much of a headache it can be to sort

Understanding Hosts File and How to Use it

What Is The Hosts File? Hosts files are the files which store information about a specific computer system on the network. It essentially maps the host’s name! Each and every time when you start typing the domain

How to Choose the Best Computer Monitor for You

If you’re like a lot of computer enthusiasts, you have no doubt already invested the lion’s share of time, money, and care into building your desktop system. Naturally when your monitor needs replacing, you will also want