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How to Look After Your Customer’s Sensitive Data

When you’re running a business, earning the trust of your customers is a number one concern, particularly if they’re buying products from your website. If they don’t trust you, they won’t be willing to put their credit

New Tech Could Make Windows 8 System Vulnerable to Attacks

PCs installed with the Windows 8 operating system could be under an increased threat of becoming prone to cyber attacks, due to issues with a new piece of technology. This was the hard-hitting message delivered by the

Why You Should Update Your Antivirus Software Frequently

So you have installed antivirus software to protect your computer from threats. However, when was the last time you updated it? Your antivirus software will likely come up with a little pop-up on your screen which will

How to Stay Safe Online

Over the years, internet has had a huge impact on the lives of human beings, and the affect seems to only increase in the future. But similar to every other great invention, there are mischievous minds engaged

How Effective Are Antivirus Programs?

Technology has moved forward dramatically in a few short years, and more people than ever are connected to the Internet, many of whom have never even asked themselves the question “How effective are antivirus programs?“ Do you