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6 Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

Cloud services are everywhere; Google them, and you’ll receive million search results about cloud services. You will be able to find a number of well-known vendors with each company providing strengths and specialties that are tailored according

The 6 Common Ways Modern Data is Lost

Data management and data protection have become more important to a growing business than ever before. As more and more data is collected, storing and backing up that information properly becomes a necessity that many smaller businesses

How to Store Critical Data (or Where to Keep the Good Stuff?)

It’s a favorite line from every western ever made, indicating there is “stuff” and then there is the “good stuff.” Only the cool cowboys or the domineering alpha males get the good stuff. Even though they both

Data Residency: things to know

Remember the days when your computer had a whopping 20GB of storage, and that was just enough? Now take a look at 2012 and compare – 20GB is hardly enough storage for a USB device and your

5 Cool and Creative USB Drive Designs

USB drives are one of the most common devices of the computer world. Today you will not find even a single PC owner without a USB drive of their own. USB devices with large storage capacity are

Tips for Safely Using the Cloud

Cloud computing is one of those terms that everyone’s heard of, most people act like they know what it means and only a small portion can actually define it. Regardless of who knows the actual definition, people