5 Cool and Creative USB Drive Designs

USB drives are one of the most common devices of the computer world. Today you will not find even a single PC owner without a USB drive of their own. USB devices with large storage capacity are available in a very compact size as well as affordable price. Apart from the easy to carry and easy to store features of these drives, there is also a new trend in USB drives – style. Here are 5 of the most stylish and cool looking USB drive designs from around the world.

1. Sandisk Cruzer Fit aka Tiny Transfer

cool usb dirve designs - Sandisk Cruzer

Don’t go by the nickname, because this tiny transfer can hold the same data as a normal sized pen drive can. The Sandisk Cruser Fit is the smallest USB device and if I talk more accurately then it is just a bit larger than the USB port of your computers.

Just look at the picture and imagine how small it is. Even though Sandisk Cruzer Fit sports such a small size, this USB device can store 4GB and 8GB data according to its two available models.

With such a small size comes a big problem – getting lost. It can easily get lost if it is misplaced. But you can easily solve the problem using the Finder.

2. Digix ‘Pen’ Drive

Digix ‘Pen’ Drive (cool usb drive designs)

This USB device is what you can really call a ‘pen’ drive. Digix has designed this ballpoint pen with 1 GB storage capacity. This pen drive is powered by MLC (Multi Level Cell) flash memory technology which supports USB 2.0. With this USB drive you can write and also store data up to 1GB. It is easy to carry around like a pen and so, Digix ‘pen’ drive is something you would consider if you prefer taking your data with you wherever you go. But don’t make a mistake of lending this to your friend!

3. Moser Baer Zap aka Credit Card USB

Moser Baer Zap

One of the most stylish and cool looking USB drive designs. The nick name says it all. The Moser Baer Zap is a paper like thin USB device designed like a credit card. The credit card USB fits nicely in a wallet and so it is easy to carry and looks stylish.

As far as the data storage capacity is concerned, Moser Baer Zap is available in two varients of 4Gb and 8GB.

4. Brando Wrist Band Flash drive

cool usb drive designs - brando wrist band

This flash drive designed by Brando gives a new definition to geekness. Now how many of us imagined of wearing flash drives around our hands? This flash drive can be used as a stylish accessory and in this way; it can travel with us wherever we go and that too not in our pockets but around our hands.

It comes in several colors like red, yellow, blue, green orange and purple. But the worst downfall of this stylish flash drive is its storage capacity. Brando Wrist band has a maximum storage capacity of only 512 MB and that’s too less to consider even in front of the style factor.

5. The USB Thumb

cool usb designs - usb thumb

OK. I know this one can scare some people and not many of you would call this one as amazing but would call it scary or weird but call it as you like. It looks like the designer of this USB drive actually took the word ‘thumb drive’ seriously and the result is this.

Imagine a thumb coming out of the USB port from your PC. Scary huh? An ideal prank to scare someone, the ‘thumb’ drive comes in 4,8,16 and 32 GB variants.

There are many more crazy and amazing looking USB drives designed for fun. Like the gold bar USB, the locket USB, the shrimp USB and many other USB drives designed like food items. There is also a doll USB whose head comes out and the rest of the body acts as a USB drive but I think that’s too sensitive to mention with a photograph here. All these amazing designs suggest one think that we humans always get attracted and motivated to creating something wonderful even on the most serious objects of the world.

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So what do you think about these amazing designs? Do comment and share with us!


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