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Is It Time to Say Goodbye to the Computer Mouse?

The growing popularity of handheld PCs marks a major movement in computer history. Aside from the change in computer use due to the rise of these revolutionary innovations, the phenomenon also signals an imminent change in input

Is This The End of the Desktop and Laptop?

Is the end of desktop computing approaching? No I don’t think so! If like me you have had a look at the latest operating system from Microsoft (Windows 8) you will be forgiven for thinking things are looking very

Tips to Help Your Laptop Perform Its’ Best

A lot of people have abandoned their desktop computers to switch to the more versatile laptop. But don’t make the mistake of treating it like a desktop PC – that would decrease its efficiency. There are certain

Are Tablets Becoming The Preferred Computing Choice?

Tablets (No, I’m not talking about the medicine type) are the in thing today, the gadget everyone has to have whether technologically savvy or not. Given the tablet’s appeal and how popular it is, a majority of