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How PMP Certified Individuals Shape The Road to Rapid Success

The requisite certification and qualification for a professional job as a manager has changed these days. With transition in the education and work culture of business entities and corporate, the demand for realistically trained employee has increased.

The Truth About Computer Science Degrees

Tech is a confusing world of social contradictions amidst highly logical machines. Some of the most prolific tech geniuses ― Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell ― failed to obtain even a bachelor’s degree, but

The Impact of Wi-Fi Technology in Different Sectors

In today’s world, where so much effort and time is getting invested in technological progress, no one would probably think about ‘WHY’ to opt for Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi is the popular trademark name of wireless technology which enables

The Top 5 Encyclopedia Apps Suitable for Kids

A few decades ago, elementary-age kids, teenagers who are in high school and even college students had to go through rows of books in the library when doing their research. For those who are lucky enough to

Computer Game Focused Learning: Benefits and Risks

The older generations of parents viewed computer games as nothing more than a distraction from learning and a waste of time for their children. However, as numerous studies have been carried out from the first days of

How to Use Social Media as an Educational Tool

To the untrained eye, social media may seem like it has little place in the classroom. It can be argued that when used simply for the exchange of gossip, social media isn’t educationally beneficial and, in fact,