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To Play or Not to Play: The Rise of Online Casinos

Like shopping or researching, gambling has seen a huge boost from being able to do it from the comfort of your own home, and it helps that there are no dress code requirements either; throw on the

Several IT Security & Networking Tips for Small Businesses

As small businesses become increasingly reliant on computers and technology, they also become more vulnerable to threats and data loss. Statistics show that around 90% of companies that suffer significant data loss close within two years. Amazingly,

How Does Phishing Affect Your Business?

The world of e-commerce has allowed businesses of all sizes to trade on a global level. But while the benefits of trading online are great, the rise of online shopping has also opened doors for hackers and

Protect Your Data from Snooping When You Are in a Free WiFi Zone

When there is WiFi hotspots in the coffee shops, airports, hotels, universities, libraries, and other public places, getting online has become cooler than ever. It is a usual scene now to see someone doing online shopping from

How Virtual Data Rooms Can Benefit Your Company

The market for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) requires secure and reliable technology to make the process efficient and easy.  Any business engaging in this market needs a platform to share their information and carry out due diligence.

New Tech Could Make Windows 8 System Vulnerable to Attacks

PCs installed with the Windows 8 operating system could be under an increased threat of becoming prone to cyber attacks, due to issues with a new piece of technology. This was the hard-hitting message delivered by the

Discover Cloud Computing Benefits to Non-Profits

Cloud computing is gaining traction from non-profit organizations (NGOs) according to TechSoup Global 2012 Global Cloud Computing Survey, indicating that 90% out of 10,500 correspondents from 88 countries are using at least one cloud computing application. More

Secure Your Documents – It’s Risky Out There

The Washington Post reported on a story awhile ago about sensitive documents in the U.S. Compound in Libya which were exposed to looters after the attack. The documents detailed information regarding U.S. Weapons, emergency, and itinerary operations