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SSD VPS or non-SSD: What’s the difference?

On January 1, to herald the new year, Digital Trends wrote a compelling article with a showpiece title: “The battle between SSD and HDD is over, and the winner is clear.” Across several hundred words writer Brendan

How do I Perform a RAID Recovery?

Almost every business-class device now includes some form of RAID array, designed to improve data access speeds and add a layer of protection against data loss should a hard disk drive fail. Depending on the size and

Bigger, Better, Badder Hard Drives

Not too long ago, it seemed as though less was more as cell phones got smaller and people tried to unclutter their lives. Now, despite our best efforts, clutter is back, phones are big and powerful, and

5 Uses for Hard Drives Old and New (That you may not have thought of)

Among the wide range of components that go into the average home computer, your Hard Disk Drive is surely the part that is most likely to stick around. Whereas motherboards, processors and RAM sticks become outdated and