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Building A Beastly Budget Gaming Battlestation

Building your own computer has long been a right of passage in the PC gaming world and it certainly has many benefits doing so. Choosing your own components and parts usually makes the whole ordeal a lot

SSD VPS or non-SSD: What’s the difference?

On January 1, to herald the new year, Digital Trends wrote a compelling article with a showpiece title: “The battle between SSD and HDD is over, and the winner is clear.” Across several hundred words writer Brendan

The Facts About Defragmenting Your Computer Drives

Defragmenting your computer’s hard drive from time to time is necessary to help increase performance. Hard drives function by using spinning platters that store data in various areas. The data is written in blocks that are arranged

Determining Which External Hard Drive is Right for You

With everything from photos, home videos, music collections, and other important data stored on our computers these days, it’s a good idea to invest in an external hard drive (external HDD) to back up all of this

Boost Computer Speed While Staying On Budget

If you’ve noticed that your PC is slowing down but only have limited funds to spend on upgrades, you will want to select the best hardware upgrades possible that can speed up your computer without breaking the

5 Uses for Hard Drives Old and New (That you may not have thought of)

Among the wide range of components that go into the average home computer, your Hard Disk Drive is surely the part that is most likely to stick around. Whereas motherboards, processors and RAM sticks become outdated and