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Why a Data Breach Is Inevitable, and What You Can Do to Reduce the Damage

In the past few years, dozens of major international companies have fallen victim to catastrophic data breaches ― despite having some of the best digital defenses available. Every day, security professionals create bigger and better barricades to

Major Hard Disk Problems and Their Solutions

Hard disk is one of the core components of any computers and it can contain huge amount of data. The files are stored in such a way that they can be acquired at any time. Unfortunately, there

Several IT Security & Networking Tips for Small Businesses

As small businesses become increasingly reliant on computers and technology, they also become more vulnerable to threats and data loss. Statistics show that around 90% of companies that suffer significant data loss close within two years. Amazingly,

3 of The Biggest Cyber Threats of 2013 (And How You Can Protect Your Systems from Them)

For as long as there’s been technology, there have been those willing to try and attack it. 2013, sadly, has been no different. That’s why we’re going to take a look at three of the key areas

How to Keep Friends from Sending Spam Without Being Rude

Have you ever wished you knew some ways to stop your friends from spamming you without being rude? Many people open their email with caution, trying to avoid phishing scams and potentially harmful viruses. However, when the

Why Does My Computer Shut Off By Itself Unexpectedly? : Common Causes and Fixes

If you have ever asked yourself the question “Why does my computer shut down without warning?“, you know how frustrating this can be. This is not referring to a computer shutting itself off and then restarting, but

Outlook Error “The messaging interface has returned an unknown error” – What to do now?

Working on any application, whenever you face any error message, it clearly indicates that something has gone wrong. And to stop the situation getting from bad to worse, some immediate measures has to be taken. But the

Where Computer Viruses Lurk

Surfing the web can be dangerous. You never know when an interesting link will end up being infected with a Trojan or virus. Links to harmful websites, or to infected downloads are the most common ways to