3 Simple and Powerful Strategies for Writing an Excellent Landing Page Copy

perfect landing pageBy now, chances are that you already know how important a well-made landing page really is. Are you writing a great landing page copy but despite all your hard work, the copy doesn’t convert? Writing content for a persuasive landing page with great conversion rate is not as simple as just following the best practices.

To ensure that your landing page copy will easily convert, you need to ask yourself a question. Are you writing an engaging content that best addresses your particular goals and pushes them a few steps closer to the conversion rate you are after?

The following are three powerful, yet easy to follow tips for generating a compelling landing page copy that ensures conversion and some of these are used by successful marketing companies such as bluehatmarketing.com.

1. Each element from the content of your landing page has a single purpose

Copywriters invest a lot of effort and time to compile the best possible headline for their perfect landing page, which also means they expect a lot from the 5 to 15 words of their choice. And they are right. The headline keeps visitors on the page. This is the single task it has, and the same logic can be extended to all the other landing page elements. For example, the purpose of the subheading is to move readers to the body copy, and the purpose of the body copy in turn is to support the overall goal of the page.

There are also other type of landing page elements, such as social proof, form headlines, forms and buttons, and when all these are optimized for their particular role, you will have moved much closer to your goal for high conversion rates.

2. Always consider the goal your page serves first and then work your way backwards

Every landing page must have a single goal just in the same way every page element serves a single purpose.

If you want your clients to purchase your latest software product, you must not flood them with information on your soon-to-come webinar. You should also not post links to your most recent blog post, no matter how great it is.

Once you have determined what your most important goal is, you should examine all anxieties and objections that stand in the way of conversion.

3. Don’t simply try to write

Some of the most unproductive and frustrating efforts are when you put a lot of effort on a landing page copy only to find that you have deviated from the main idea. It is also important to go ahead and think everything out, while also writing with your soul. In the case that you may be suffering from writer’s block on this particular project, asking for advice is really not a bad thing at all. Chances are that you may already know someone who is willing to share some tips with you, other than what has been mentioned so far, or who will go ahead and tell you which words work magic.

Instead of toiling over producing the perfect killer copy, you should concentrate on the needs of your customers. This way you will acquire the right attitude and ideas, and you will see that your landing page copy will write itself.

Your best-converting landing page copy can be “stolen” directly from your customers. Use customer reviews, testimonials, surveys, support emails, forums and social media groups as channels to “steal” marketing massages from. By borrowing the terms your clients use, you can create an effective sales copy which is both appealing to them and supports their overall strategy. However, one thing is certain- landing pages are incredibly important, but don’t only focus on the content. You should also focus on its overall look, because this also plays an important role in whether clients will go ahead and look at your site a bit more, or just fly off to another site and check their services out.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, no matter how great your offer is or how experienced you are as a professional, if your sales copy doesn’t resonate well with your clients, your conversion rates will suffer.

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