5 Reasons Why 3D Hologram Technology is Sure to Get a Rise From Event Attendees

3d hologram technology

If there is one technology that is guaranteed to wow event goers and get a rise out of them, it’s 3D holographic projects. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider holograms to engage your audience.

3D holograms have come a long way since the original Star Wars films, and what was once an 80s movie staple has sprung into real life as a show stealing, event goer pleasing dream for advertisers and brand managers alike!

Holograms are now mainstream, however perhaps it is to the advantage of savvy event planners and marketers that it appears the general public hasn’t caught up just yet. Even as I write this article, holograms are still thought of as rare gems which are rarely seen and all too often poorly executed by imitators.

The result is that those who execute holograms effectively still have a chance to become trend setters in the hologram niche. 3D hologram projection from Activ8 Events have proven themselves time and time again to be on the forefront of proper holograms; ones that look as convincing as those found in the movies that everyone has come to know and love.

There are a number of reasons why 3D holographic projection technology is perfect for contemporary events, and the purpose of this article is to break down many of the reasons why no event today should be without them!

Here are 5 Reasons Why Holograms are a Crowd Pleaser for Audiences and Event Planners:

1) They Come in a Variety of Form Factors

Right off the top, popular holographic technologies will not be pigeon-holed into one application of another. Modern holograms can be projected in thin air, on a thin translucent sheet, or even a mannequin to give it life akin to Pinocchio.

2) They are Voice Activated

And you thought Siri was cool –modern holographic technologies are, right now, able to be controlled and engaged with by voice alone. This is huge, because previously voice control was strictly reserved for physical devices alone. Voice control opens a lot of doors for holographic technology, from inspiring uses at events to even customer service applications or digital trade show personalities.

My own personal and favourite example is the recent Voice Controlled Ford Hologram, definitely worth checking out! It doesn’t get more engaging than that.

3) They’re Portable

Another key advantage of modern holograms is that the technology can fit in the trunk of a car or the back of a van. Prior to the current dispensation of holographics that exist today, the equipment required for such a feat required for gear than any truck could carry!

This point alone makes modern day holograms a hit with event planners, and their smaller size aids also in their vast scalability.

4) They Look Realer than Ever Imagined

Even the holograms in the original Star Wars don’t look as convincing as today’s holograms! The flicker and static of holograms from the movies appeared a little rough around the edges likely because it was to portray the degradation that comes from vastly long distance intergalactic communication.

5) They’re Loved by Everyone

We’ve been conditioned to love holograms since before the 1970’s and before they even given the name “hologram”. Brands and event planners would kill for the kind of recognition and love the average consumer attaches to the beloved hologram.

Holograms are ready for your business, it just might involve a little ingenuity and creativity to fit it into your marketing calendar or event plan. However the benefit of being associated to the world’s favourite sci-fi technology certainly has its benefits!

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