Five e-Commerce Company Logos We Absolutely Love

If you’re planning to start your own e-commerce company, the logo is one of the first things that you need to consider. A logo is something that will help in establishing trust in the minds of your potential customers. It’ll also help create an image and brand for your company in the market.

A strong and well-designed logo can speak a thousand words about the genuinely of your company, and it’s something that your customers will identify your company with. A logo designed right creates a visual brand identity of your company and is an investment that always pays off.

Whether e-commerce or not, every business needs a logo, and more so when they need to interact with their customers directly. Here, in this article, we look at some of the best e-commerce logos out there, logos that are both creative and inspiring.


Flipkart’s earlier logo

One of the largest e-commerce giants in the country, the logo of Flipkart had its name on the logo. It had a speeding F (symbolizing speedy deliveries) and which also upheld the dynamic side of the brand. The logo was designed by an external agency Umbrella Designs and also Flipkart’s internal design team.

Flipkart’s new logo – emphasis on mobile

Flipkart’s logo underwent a change recently and is now a yellow-colored shopping bag with Flipkart’s speeding ‘f’ on it. The yellow shopping bag is also the mobile app’s icon.

Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder’s first logo

One of the largest furniture e-commerce stores in India, Urban Ladder has recently modified its logo and added a new tagline to it – “Let’s Create”. Urban Ladder essentially targets customers in their late 20s and early 30s, along with newly-married couples who are looking for furniture for their new homes. They want their customers to unleash their creative sides and decorate their homes with Urban Ladder.

Urban Ladder’s new logo and tagline

Colored orange, which is the color of creativity and joy, the symbol depicts the four walls of a room.


One of the biggest e-commerce players in the Indian market, Snapdeal too changed its logo and tagline in the recent past.

Snapdeal’s new logo emphasizes the unboxing of packages

The new logo is in a shade of red and the tagline says ‘Unbox Zindagi (life)’. With this new tagline, they want to go beyond offering discounts and assurance to their customers. It wants its customers to unlock their aspirations through their online store and hence, this upgrade.


A global giant, Amazon also has a logo that can be easily recognized. Amazon has a very creative logo and we absolutely love it. It has a yellow arrow that doubles up as a smile below the word amazon. Did you ever notice that the arrow starts from the ‘a’ and ends with the ‘z’? It signifies the large range of products available on Amazon, indicating consumers can buy products from ‘A-Z’. Don’t you love it a little more now?

Amazon’s logo indicates customer satisfaction and a large product range

Common Floor

Common Floor is an online real estate portal that was founded in the year 2007. Along with the name, the logo of this real estate company has a key, the key to your new house. And that perfectly sums up what this company does.

Companies like Myntra, Zomato,, and others have also modified and re-modified their logos over time. They did it to reflect their ever-evolving identities, as they felt that their existing logos could not represent the brand and the image that the business had grown to become. Which again proves why having the right logo design is important.

Many people resort to online logo design to save costs and come up with beautiful logo design ideas. You can either design a logo online or hire professionals for it. A logo has a lot to do with creativity. At the end of the day, all companies, whether big or small, aim for a logo that their customers can relate to.