4 Ways to Excel at Esports When There is a Financial Incentive

You might have thought that playing esports was exciting enough, but when you can bet on them as well, added excitement and financial excitement will help bring the games to life and back to reality. Gaming providers such as VamosGG are providing very real opportunities for you to earn money while playing the games you love.

To help us reach our full potential playing these games, in terms of our achievements within the game and our financial results too, we shall think, in this article, of ways that we can improve our gaming success. These could range from knowing the game better to the lifestyle that we lead outside of gaming.


1. Familiarity with a Game

Games such as Dota 2, a familiar game among hardened esports players will, for example, be a game you can achieve better results from when you become more used to playing it. You might have played it a few times because it is one of the most popular games on the esports circuit, but to know it inside out is to be able to succeed when betting and its outcome matters more than when just pride is involved. Familiarity in this instance will produce results. It is not all of us that are natural gamers and so we need to work at it.

We perhaps already know, even if we have not played it, that Dota 2 is a MOBA. That is a multiplayer online battle area game. So, it might be an idea to familiarise ourselves, or re-familiarise ourselves not just with this game but also with other MOBA games, such as League of Legends, which is similar. This will give us the skills we need in this area of play. Then, we just need to fine-tune those skills while playing Dota 2. Players in Dota 2 will not necessarily know how much we are playing other games such as LOL to improve our skills for when we come across them as players or opponents. Unless they have read these tips as well, of course. This can give us the edge. We will be more skilled than they perhaps know and so this will improve our betting strategy against them and others.

2. Relatable skills from Employment

The skills that we use in our everyday occupations can help us with gaming. It can also work the other way around in that the skills we learn while gaming can prove useful in employment searches and situations.

The skills learned from gaming can help you to get a job, where full-time gaming does not become it. The skills gaming teaches us are problem-solving, planning strategically, and working as part of a team. All these skills are useful in professional and business settings.

There are also careers in gaming. These include game designers, software programmers or developers, game animators, game audio engineers, translators, testers, and professional gamers. You can make a living out of developing or playing the games.

The fact that employment skills can be relatable to gaming makes the financial gain even greater than the potential gain from betting. What is not to like about playing and betting on esports?

3. Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep can make it difficult to reach the end of the game with the concentration levels that you started with. So, if you want a chance to win money, it is worth getting enough sleep the night before. Perhaps even power napping throughout the day so that you are refreshed for the big game or match. Esports on a computer might not be so physical as other sports, give or take the dexterity on the mouse, but they certainly require at least, if not more of, the same concentration levels. A tired or over-worked mind is not what you want to succeed in a game that can mean the difference between gaining or losing financially from playing. Okay, you have the enjoyment factor, but you might as well earn money from the game at the same time. There is no point in going at something half-heartedly, even if your bets are only small. We need to give ourselves a fair chance at succeeding and winning our stake back and more.

4. Diet

Believe it or not, our diet can make a big difference to our performance levels, whether playing on a computer or physically on a field.

For some dietary pointers, we should bear in mind that fatty fish remains top of the list. That sounds unhealthy doesn’t it, talking about fat. However, fatty fish means oily fish. So, that includes fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, and trout. All these are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that our brain appreciates.

Omega-3 helps with brain power by playing a role in not only sharpening up our memory but also in improving our mood. It will also protect our brain from decline. So, we should certainly look towards eating more fatty fish whether gaming, betting, or both, or whatever our planned activity is.

Other foods to add to our gaming list of foods are blueberries, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, and nuts.

Coffee is the drink to keep our brain functioning at the right levels for gaming.

So, there we have it, we made it to four ways that will help us at esports where betting is involved and, therefore, there is that extra incentive to win. We can become familiar with a game through playing it regularly and playing games similar to it, by benefitting from skills that we learn during employment or study, by making sure that we have enough sleep before playing, and by controlling our diet and not ignoring the brain foods mentioned.

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