Benefits of Online Racing Games

With many giant console manufacturers under serious threat from the rise of smartphone and online gaming popularity, we take a look at why online gaming is often better than console gaming. As wallets are getting tighter and competition fiercer, whose side are you on? Will you stay loyal to the consoles that made the gaming industry into what it is today, or do you believe the future of social gaming really lies online? Check out the most beneficial advantages of online car racing games. Read this before you buy your next console!

online car racing games

Image credit: Auto Club Revolution, Flickr

Free Games

Instead of having to buy an expensive console followed by an expensive game, the wide majority of online racing games are free and not just racing games but a wide range of game types are freely available online! Once in the game, players can purchase additional to the game such as better cars, custom modifications and unlock tracks via credit/debit card if they don’t want to wait to unlock modes by completing challenges.

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Regular Updates

When players purchase a console game, all of its contents (the tracks, cars, customizations and challenges) are pre-installed onto the game disc. However many online racing games, such as Auto Club Revolution or Race Valley, have a team of developers working behind the scenes to constantly bring out new cars, tracks and gaming modes so the game stays fresh even years down-the-line which is a huge advantage for the car enthusiast and the general gamer enthusiast!

Members Community

The online gaming industry pioneered the importance of a membership community. Part of the draw of playing online is being able to meet people from around the world who share the same interests who you can race with too! Console manufacturers may offer this service (i.e. Xbox Live) but it is still a paid-for subscription. Online gaming lets you do this for free; all you need is an internet connection.

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Play Anywhere

people playing online games on mobiles

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Instead of lugging your console around with you, online gamers can log on to their accounts via the website and start playing there and then! Pretty simple and convenient isn’t it? It is ideal if you are on a long journey and don’t have access to a TV. For example, it’s far easier to race online on a train than it is to simply get your console out! Even for mobile gaming it makes it easier being able to play the game via your phone as you’ll already have it on you, rather than having to carry around a PSP or DS as well.

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Real Cars

The best car racing games (such as Auto Club Revolution) are developed in collaboration with the vehicle manufacturers themselves. If you’re bored of racing unlicensed cars on a  console, many online racing games let you choose between (and work towards unlocking) cars from the likes of Bugatti, TVR, Jaguar, BMW, McLaren and many more.

There are many arguments that stack in favor of playing online car racing games so with PlayStation 4 launching later this year, could it be the first console to face-up to the rise in popularity and clear benefits of online gaming?

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